The one that got away – 230

Part of the 2015 Christmas haul!
Part of the 2015 Christmas haul!

It’s been one of those weeks again where my day job has prevented me from looking further at the DVD I began last week. However, I’ve found a couple of clips from the archives I hope you will enjoy and Mark starts looking at Progeny along with his two pence.

  • What is Progeny actually like?
  • What clips do I come up with?
  • What is Mark’s two pence this week?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

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Episode 119 – The Yes Alphabet – ‘Q’

…brought to you by the letter, ‘Q’.

The one hundred and nineteenth episode of the Yes Music Podcast, featuring some interesting facts and concepts beginning with the letter, ‘Q’.

  • Are there any Yes songs beginning with ‘Q’?
  • What links does Yes have with Queen?
  • How might the legacy of Queen directly affect the new Yes album?

Listen and see if you spot any ‘Q’ concepts or tracks I have missed, then let me know by contacting me via any of the methods below.

Please get involved with the YMP e-book – for a copy of the guidelines, please see the full blog post on the front page of the website.

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Episode 64 – Yes QI – Part 3

Book purchased 1998
Book purchased 1998

The sixty-fourth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring some more Quite Interesting things from Tim Morse’s book, ‘Yesstories – Yes in their own words’.

Listen and see if all you agree with me that this second set are also Quite Interesting facts, then let me know by contacting me via any of the different routes on the right hand side or by leaving a comment below!

  • What can we learn about the band from what members actually said?
  • How does the time when the quotations were made affect the opinions given?
  • What insights can we gain about what life in Yes was like at the time?

Lobate Scarp will be appearing on YMP in the New Year. Listen to their great stuff here:

Check out Len Rice’s photo of Rick Wakeman in action and see if you can tell when it was taken..

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