YMP Emporium

Feast your eyes on all the lovely YMP Merch (as my children tell me it’s called these days) but don’t just look – why not ‘fill your boots’ with some of these fabulous items?

T Shirts!

Classic YMP!

This is the new ‘Classic’ YMP T-shirt, perfect for all listeners!

Pin or badge

A pin – or badge – depending which side of the Atlantic you are on. How cool? Pretty cool.


Who wouldn’t want one of these on their fridge? Get yourself a YMP magnet!

7 thoughts on “YMP Emporium”

  1. Once upon a time there was talk of a luggage tag. . . and I’m sure we’d all like to see T-shirts again. If you can wrangle the legalities thereof.

    1. Tee shirts shouldn’t be a problem as Kevin has the OK for the new logo (at least assuming the OK is not limited to use on the website/pod feed). My old tee is seriously faded and has shrunk (OK i might have put on a bit of weight).
      The red/Blue logo on a black tee would look great

      1. Yes I agree, Tim and T shirts are being worked on as we speak. I have a prototype but it’s not quite right yet…stay tuned!

  2. Kevin …just a thought but the T-shirt would be longer lasting and not out if date next year if it just said
    Yes music podcast at the bottom.

    Liking it all though.


    1. Ah yes, but this is a ‘special edition’ to celebrate the 50 years and 7 years. Another version will be available soon. I should have made it clear on the details. Thanks for the comment, Dave. I’ll add those details. 🙂

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