Please vote for the Yes Music Podcast

Wow. A kind listener to the Yes Music Podcast has nominated it for a European Podcast Award!

I’m amazed. I’ve only done 3 episodes so just to get nominated is fantastic. This confirms what I already knew –

You, the Yes Music Podcast audience are the best!

If everyone who listens or visits the website votes for the show, who knows how we could get on? Please ask your friends to vote as well – and get them to listen, of course!

Use the link on the image above or the link below which I have made nice and easy to remember:

Closing date – end of November 2011

Thanks so much everyone!

Clever Amazon

First of all, I feel I should say that I was saddened as I know so many were at the news of the premature passing of Steve Jobs. If it wasn’t for him, it’s unlikely I would be producing the Yes Music Podcast.

R.I.P. Steve.

Amazon - we know what you're thinking... (click to enlarge)

I was also interested to note this week how clever Amazon are getting. Alongside new sci-fi technology from Apple – Siri, it seems that Amazon’s artificial intelligence is hitting the mark. Here’s what Amazon recommends I buy this week:

Seems to know something about me then…

Changes to email updates

What do you want in your email updates?

Hi everyone. I have just changed the Yes Music Podcast email updates.

If you have already signed up for updates via email, you will have been getting a message every time a new blog post or episode is posted.

For boring technical reasons, this was messing up the Yes Music Podcast listing in iTunes and only 3 episodes were showing up.

So, if you sign up now for the email updates, you will still get all blog posts and episodes. However, if you are already receiving emails, you will now only get the episodes. If you are OK with this, that’s fine by me. Otherwise, please sign up again using the email sign-up form on the right hand side of every page.


Sorry for the messing about!


Creative Commons image credit CeresB

Episode 3 – ‘The Yes Album’

The third episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring the third album, ‘The Yes Album’.

The Yes Album
Vinyl purchased circa. 1989, CD circa. 2005 (click to enlarge)
  • What difference does producer, Eddie Offord, make to the sound?
  • What is the contribution of new man, Steve Howe?
  • Are there more classical music parallels in this album?

Listen and see if you agree with me then let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me via the different routes on the right hand side!

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Interviewed on School of Podcasting

I can't afford this kit...

I set up the Yes Music Podcast after taking part in Dave Jackson’s ‘Free Podcast Bootcamp’. Dave runs and was kind enough to interview me recently about the Yes Music Podcast and how I had approached finding you – i.e. the audience.

Take a listen to the interview here.

I’d like to thank Dave for all his help and support – without him, you wouldn’t be reading this!

Creative Commons image credit – brainblogger