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FLY FROM HERE – Return Trip – Official Press Release

FLY FROM HERE – Return Trip
23rd February 2018


On 25th March prog icons, YES, will release a brand-new mix of their album Fly From Here Return Trip, featuring the Drama line-up and new lead vocals by Trevor Horn, to coincide with their 50th Anniversary celebrations.


Fly From Here Return Trip can be exclusively pre-ordered via Pledge Music here:


The original 2011 release of Fly From Here featured the band members who appeared on Drama: Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes, plus Benoit David on lead vocals with Trevor Horn in the role of Producer.


The addition of Trevor’s lead vocals has produced a genuine sequel to Drama. Fly From Here – Return Trip was developed as a labour of love for all involved and the new vocals were recorded over the last two years amidst other commitments. Trevor began re-recording the lead vocals the day after he guested with YES at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016 and within 24 hours the rest of the band had joined him at his studio. Additional overdubs by other members have also been added.


In addition to remixing parts of the album, Trevor has added personal liner notes and the sleeve design features the painting by Roger Dean originally used on the inside of the 2011 edition.


Trevor Horn says: “I really enjoyed listening to Alan and Chris playing together again. Finishing off the album was a labour of love.”


Fly From Here – Return Trip also contains a previously unreleased song, “Don’t Take No for an Answer” recorded in 2011, with Steve Howe on lead vocals. Additionally, the full-length version of “Hour of Need” is included. This has previously only been included as a Japanese bonus track.


“It is great to have the original Drama line up playing Fly From Here plus several other songs Trevor had a big part in writing.” Comments Steve Howe.


Geoff Downes adds: “It’s quite amazing what Trevor has done with the album and the way it has turned out. It is most refreshing and adds a whole new dimension to the original recordings from 2011. I think the fans will appreciate it as a genuine sequel to the Drama album, and embrace it as a valuable part of our YES50 celebrations.”


Track Listing:-


Fly From Here – Overture
Fly From Here Pt 1 – We Can Fly
Fly From Here Pt 2 – Sad Night at the Airfield
Fly From Here Pt 3 – Madman at the Screens
Fly From Here Pt 4 – Bumpy Ride
Fly From Here Pt 5 – We Can Fly (Reprise)
The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be
Life on a Film Set
Hour of Need (full length version)
Don’t Take No for an Answer
Into the Storm


The album is a long-awaited treat for all YES fans and following Chris Squire’s passing in 2015, represents the last chance for fans to hear a follow-up to the classic YES release Drama which reached number 2 in the UK album charts in 1980.


The album is available to pre-order now exclusively via Pledge Music, plus some extra Roger Dean images and Pledge offers, and fans will be able to collect their orders, or buy direct for the first time, when YES attends the 50th Anniversary Fan Convention at the London Palladium on 25th March 2018 as part of their eagerly anticipated March 2018 UK tour. Trevor Horn will be guesting with Yes at the London Palladium [both shows] and Paris. Please see the tour dates below.


MARCH 2018 (UK & Europe)


Tues 13th Bristol            Colston Hall
Wed 14th    Sheffield       City Hall
Fri 16th        Glasgow       SEC Armadillo
Sat 17th        Manchester   Bridgewater Hall
Sun 18th       Gateshead    Sage
Tues 20th      Birmingham  Symphony Hall
Wed 21st    Brighton       Centre
Fri 23rd        Liverpool       Philharmonic Hall
Sat 24th        London       Palladium
Sun 25th        London       Palladium
Tue 27th        Tilburg       013
Wed 28th      Antwerp       De Roma
Fri 30th         Paris       Olympia


UK Tickets available from 24hr Ticket Hotline 0844 249 2222 (subject to fees). Also available from venue box offices and select authorised ticket agencies.
Front row, Meet & Greet & VIP packages are available from
There is no support.   Please see ticket for start time.


Exclusive Pledge pre-order link:


Official Website:
Official Facebook:

7 replies on “FLY FROM HERE – Return Trip – Official Press Release”

I’m not going to pile on like some folks on other sites have… I’m actually looking forward to this. However, it does seem a little underhanded to replace Benoit from the vocals and not even include a comment in the press release. “Hey, Benoit was great, but since I co-wrote much of this music I wanted to produce my take on it…” or something like that.

Hopefully , YMP will get an advance copy to review. Looks like we get Trevor’s vocals, some overdubs, and some parts remixed. Sounds like much ado about nothing. Do the bonus tracks add anything? Have we been clamoring to hear what Yes would sound like if Steve Howe was lead vocalist? Most importantly, is this the legacy Yes wants for their 50th anniversary? A reissued record that’s a re-dubbed remix of that retro-cons the Yes line-up? It’s a true sequel to Drama! Benoit David? Who he? Pish posh!

I think it’s going to be great however you look at it Trevor Horn is a master at what he does so I look forward to the release
Kevin thanks for the heads up as always

Ordered a vinyl copy today

Surprised that the new track will have SH on lead vocals

Very interested to see what changes there are production wise from the master Horn

Thanks for posting this Kevin. I’m grateful for something other than knowing a bit more about this re-release/re-hash, which will be interesting but not much to do with Yes50 really in my view. My gratitude is for your prompting me to look again at getting tickets for the Palladium concert following the afternoon convention. I am going to Birmingham (superb venue) and have a ticket for the fan convention but began to think I might regret not being able to stay on for the evening concert. You prompted me to click through to Yesworld where I found that although all the regular seats appear to be sold out for both London concerts, there were still some VIP tickets (not meet and greet) so I now have a seat a few rows back dead centre in the stalls! Yes indeed and many thanks Kevin!

Thanks for posting this, Kevin.

I’m not uninterested in this, but I find it only raises mild enthusiasm – I like the first version just fine, and have been listening to it for years (it was played during a couple of major moves, so it has special significance for me). In fact, it prompted me to finally pick up a copy of Drama, which I promptly fell in love with. I have no problem with Benoit David’s performance, and certainly nothing about it makes me wish it had been done by another vocalist. On the other hand, a friend’s long-standing issue with FFH has been what he considered a lifeless (if technically fine) performance by David, so maybe the perfectionist Horn’s vocals will make a difference after all. I’ll definitely get a copy, but debating which version – CD, vinyl, or download (since I already have the CD of the original).
Incidentally, I don’t think this is supposed to be any kind of 50th anniversary release, it’s just a question of coincidental scheduling. Either that, or it’s the only thing they had ready to go to release in the anniversary year – though if that’s the case, they could’ve just held Topographic Drama over for a few more months.

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