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Ramshackled by Alan White – 251 – Yes Music Podcast

Ramshackled by Alan White
Ramshackled by Alan White

Produced by Preston Frazier

Mark and Kevin start a series on Yes members’ solo albums with the Alan White album, Ramshackled. There’s also news on a new YMP Classic Feed containing the archive of older episodes and the 2 pence segment is about ARW – and it’s a bit controversial…

  • Why is Ramshackled the least well-known of the Yes solo albums?
  • Is it possible to hear Alan White’s influence?
  • What style is the record?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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An Interview with Billy Sherwood – Chris Squire, Yes and Citizen – 216 – Yes Music Podcast

Billy Sherwood
Billy Sherwood

Thanks to Mark Anthony K, we both managed to speak to Billy Sherwood and I’m releasing this episode on Chris Squire’s birthday. Billy talks a lot about his memories of Chris as well as his experience of playing with Yes and his new album, Citizen.

There is also a review from Mark Anthony K of Keys to Ascension I and a lovely recording of Deidre Nelson who is the partner of Yes author, David Watkinson. It’s a lovely and unusual way to experience Jon Anderson’s lyrics.

  • Is Billy looking forward to playing Drama and Fragile?
  • What is the new album, Citizen, all about?
  • What was it like to be part of Chris Squire’s last recording?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!

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Episode 187 – YMP Redux – Yes Music Podcast

Me, obviously
Me, obviously

After fantastic encouragement from listeners, this is the re-boot of the YMP. I am hoping to press onto episode 200 and beyond!

  • Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll.
  • Thank you to everyone who got in touch.
  • Here’s to the future!


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Episode 153 – Relayer revisited – Part 2 – Gates of Delirium – Yes Music Podcast

Vinyl purchased circa. 1988

The one hundred and fifty third episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring a fresh look at the 1974 studio album, Relayer. Part 2 is about the first track, Gates of Delirium.

  • What is the track based on?
  • How deliberate is the ‘story-telling’ aspect?
  • Does the radically different approach work as a Yes piece?

Listen to the episode and then let me know if you agree.

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Yes Fantasy Live! – Yes Music Podcast

What's your Yes Live Fantasy?

In a forthcoming episode, I’d like to feature your ideas of a Yes Fantasy Live event. If you could manufacture an event in the live history of the band, what would it have been?

Would you have had Peter Banks actually walking out with the rest of the Union crew? What about Patrick Moraz returning at some point, Rick Wakeman playing keyboards on the Magnification tour, Vangelis joining in the mid 70s or Trevor Horn returning to lead vocal duties in 2011?

I have absolutely no doubt you can come up with much more creative ideas.

So when you have designed your Yes Fantasy Live event, let me know what it is via any of the methods on the right hand side of the website – email, Tweet, record a message, leave a comment on this blog post etc.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

UPDATE: Owing to the fantastic response, I’m going to release this episode on Friday 11th May so deadline for your thoughts is Thursday 10th May 2011. Thanks so much everyone!

Creative Commons image credit: D.L.