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Ramshackled by Alan White – 251 – Yes Music Podcast

Ramshackled by Alan White
Ramshackled by Alan White

Produced by Preston Frazier

Mark and Kevin start a series on Yes members’ solo albums with the Alan White album, Ramshackled. There’s also news on a new YMP Classic Feed containing the archive of older episodes and the 2 pence segment is about ARW – and it’s a bit controversial…

  • Why is Ramshackled the least well-known of the Yes solo albums?
  • Is it possible to hear Alan White’s influence?
  • What style is the record?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Show notes and links for Scambot 2!

Mark’s photos of Ramshackled

SeYes’ Peter Greenwood playing The Fish

New ARW videos from the first ever show!


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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

10 replies on “Ramshackled by Alan White – 251 – Yes Music Podcast”

Listened to ramshackled today after listening to the podcast been years n years since I last did . Now obviously now I am much older and thought maybe I will appreciate it more today . Sadely this is not the case outwith the track Anderson sings on the its instantly forgettable. A mish mash of styles throughout and as your podcast pointed out no writing credits for AW and recorded in 48 hrs. Makes me wonder if AW originally was not going down the solo album road like the rest of the band then decided to do so hence the apparent hurried recording and ultimately the end result

Weakest by far of all the Yes solo output at that time wonder what AW thinks of it today

Greetings Fergus,
Thank you for your comments. It’s seems we see eye to eye on this album…it’s too bad Alan didn’t put some of his own musical ideas on this. Might have been stronger.

Mark Anthony K

As has been said apart from Song of Innocence I find this a really hard listen. It’s amazing that in a band where JA SH RW GD all have prolific solo careers only managed 2 albums (or 3 if you count the abandoned one)

Not one of my favorite albums to say the least why???? I have no Idea why this was even made AW is a way more talented individual this is just one of those things that make you scratch your head.
ARW now I agree they need time to work live and again they really have not played like Yes has and lets face it practice makes perfect always has always will. There are other factors involved that we do not know about. So hopefully the Yes fans and all others that say this is Yes and Steve’s band is a cover band can stop.Let’s be honest for a minute with out Chris and Jon in the band Yes has changed and to say they can go out and perform these classic well I tend to disagree with that a lot. I mean really name someone who could even come close to a Chris there is no one his bass his singing his stage presences all of it. I feel that is what’s missing in ARW don’t misunderstand me these men are fantastic, however to me that’s the missing link,and really what makes Yes so good now is that they have Billy Sherwood who is the only one I know that even comes close to a Chris.

Also I still have not had time to listen to my brand new copy of Tales I have been son busy with work and things that I really need to make this time to listen to all of it in it’s entirety.

Thanks again Kevin and Mark great show as always


Coming right on the heels of ‘Relayer’ I was very excited (especially as I was DEEP into drums at the time) when this was released… until I listened to it… or some of it. I’m not entirely sure I ever made to side two! And you guys pretty well summed up all there is to be said about this album, so I’ll just stop

I’m not sure I agree with the idea that Chris Squire was somehow blocking ARW and that with his loss they could suddenly go forward. Nonsense! It seems more likely that Trevor had to get to the place where he was ready to practice and tour again. The set list for ARW is very much like that of the 90125 tour. At the show I saw, I remember wondering what how Rabin would sound with Howe’s guitar parts. He was good! Especially surprising was And You and I since he doesn’t play pedal steel, but he made it work, although not as exciting.

While I *had* to see the Yes Drama/Tales tour, I haven’t felt that way about ARW yet. I’ve seen Jon Anderson twice in the last three years, solo and with APB. If I hadn’t or if they were playing a more diverse set list, I’d be more interested. ARW? I think I’ll have a root beer….

I saw the Drama/Tales show in Reno and it was fantastic! Third best Yes concert of the six I’ve been to (starting in 1976). I’ve also got tix for ARW in Salt Lake City next month and am very looking forward to it, but mostly because it’s probably my last chance to see Rick on stage, and so my wife can actually see Jon live once. I hope in another three weeks they’ve gelled into a better thing than video evidence has proved so far. . . also, bourbon goes very well with root beer…

Hello Brian,
I agree with you about Chris. I don’t think he really was the reason. It’s definitely Trevor..who has always been the hold out as far as ARW is concerned. Live playing is a totally different world from studio work. And requires a different head space.

Mark Anthony K

I remember how disappointed I was when I bought Ramshackled, got home and played it. Total waste of money. The only song I remember is the awful ‘Silly Woman’ with its shoddy pseudo reggae sound. Fortunately I managed to sell it on. That was nearly forty years ago.

I think he must have made the album to complete the Yes solos project.

On ARW, I think you are overanalysing the situation. Surely it is more about the frisson of live concerts rather than picking the bones from youtube videos. Anderson and Wakeman have lots of charisma, unlike Howe & co who look like startled rabbits in the last DVD.

As regards Chris preventing any previous ARW collaboration, that seems implausible to me. After all, the last time Yes did anything of note was when Chris played with Jon and Trevor. Surely he’d have welcomed some sort of collaboration between his old pals. You mentioned that he acted as the band’s spokesman but back in the 70s I don’t recall any articles in the music press suggesting anything of the sort. Yes tended to get on with their own thing apart from the time Anderson was linked with an album with Vangelis which turned out to be Heaven and Hell.

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