Talk re-issue – the ‘Lost’ Yes album? – 622

Produced by Joseph Cottrell, Jeffrey Crecelius and Ken Fuller

I’m publishing this episode on Good Friday so there’s been no time for the usual news roundup. However, Mark and I did manage to talk about ‘Talk’ receiving the box set treatment.

We discuss what’s going to be included – and what doesn’t seem to be included as well.

It one of our favourite Yes albums so there’s plenty to be excited about in this release.

  • In what sense is Talk ‘lost’?
  • Is this going to be a worthwhile release?
  • What’s going to be on all those discs?

Let us know if you agree with us!

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6 replies on “Talk re-issue – the ‘Lost’ Yes album? – 622”

Great episode, guys! I recently became a Yes fan just before “Talk” was released. It was the first Yes album I eagerly anticipated, and I have some fun memories, including:

Waiting in line at a music store to get tickets to see the band live (such a novel concept now).
My buddy recorded their David Letterman appearance on VHS so I could check it out. We were so impressed that they could recreate all the complex harmonies live.
Going to the Gorge at George outdoor venue in Washington State to see them play live. It’s an awesome place to experience live music, and it was my first Yes concert!
While in Japan the following year, I picked up the Japanese release of “Talk,” which included the extended version of “The Calling.” I also picked up some other cool Yes stuff there too!

Thanks again, Bill

I’m quite excited about this money spinning re release. In my opinion Talk is the last great work from Yes. Everything since then has been mediocre more or less. The only thingI want is the live recording. I agree with Mark, that live is best and the quality of the sound is paramount, no concrete mixers or chatter. I may even pay through the nose and also buy the 2LP set for the ultimate in sound quality of the original release

I don’t care what anyone says about the sound on Talk, I love it and have since day 1. Now, I hate the cover artwork-I enjoy most of Peter Max’s work over the years, but this looks like he took the money and had a monkey paint it for him. I saw 5 concerts on the US tour and thoroughly enjoyed each of them.

I remember receiving The Calling as a promo single at the radio station I was working at the time. I was first very surprised that they were back to the 90125 lineup. Then my jaw dropped when I heard the track. I loved it and I was very much sure that the single would become a hit. Alas, it wasn’t. Not even the station I worked at playlisted it, but I managed to squeeze it in here and there.

I quite liked the album when it came out, but I do think it’s the weakest from that lineup. It has grown on me through the years, and now I think I rank it up with BG, and play it quite often. If only Where Will You Be could have been dropped. It’s just soooo tedious and boring. It doesn’t go anywhere.

As for the writing, my understanding is that 90% of the material was written by Rabin. He even said when I interviewed him before the release of Rio that almost all (if not all) of Endless Dream was written and recorded by him, and that nothing was changed from the demo. And when you listen to the demo versions of various bits of material from this album which was featured on 90124, I’m inclined to belive him. The aforementioned Where Will You Be is 100% Rabin, except Jon’s vocals.

Could it be that the bonus material will be those Rabin demos? How do we know for sure that it’s the CD-ROM versions?

Speaking of the CD-ROM: I came across it at the CeBit event in Hannover, Germany, 1995. I didn’t buy it, but I tested it a bit. I seem to remember Jon Anderson explaining why the computer was god…

I do own this on LP, which I guess was the last LP remaster you refer to in this podcast. Therefore I don’t think I will buy the new LP version, but I am very interested in the concert. Alas, I don’t buy CDs anymore, nor do I have a player. Hopefully it will be available on streaming services.

As for this being the lost Yes album, I don’t think it’s more lost then OYE (which should just remain lost, IMO) or The Keys to Ascension. The latter isn’t even available on streaming services, while Talk got onto Spotify and similar services only last year. The album was ignored by Yes afterwards, but so was OYE. At least ARW pulled out I Am Waiting for their tour.

In addition to The Calling single (which was the radio edit), we also received Walls and State of Play as promo singles at the radio station. I was hoping Walls would be played at our station, but no such luck. And State of Play is probably my favourite track on that album. When I left the radio station I stole those promos and took them with me, and I still own them.

I think you should buy a CD player. I’m probably an extreme case; I have turntable to play 78’s also players for cassette, VHS and even Betamax!

I believe this to be Treavors best yes album hands down , It was an amazing live show and the album really shows off what yes was. I’m full in on the whole thing and I believe that this album should be available on streaming services as well

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