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An Interview with Billy Sherwood – Chris Squire, Yes and Citizen – 216 – Yes Music Podcast

Billy Sherwood
Billy Sherwood

Thanks to Mark Anthony K, we both managed to speak to Billy Sherwood and I’m releasing this episode on Chris Squire’s birthday. Billy talks a lot about his memories of Chris as well as his experience of playing with Yes and his new album, Citizen.

There is also a review from Mark Anthony K of Keys to Ascension I and a lovely recording of Deidre Nelson who is the partner of Yes author, David Watkinson. It’s a lovely and unusual way to experience Jon Anderson’s lyrics.

  • Is Billy looking forward to playing Drama and Fragile?
  • What is the new album, Citizen, all about?
  • What was it like to be part of Chris Squire’s last recording?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!

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Billy Sherwood



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11 replies on “An Interview with Billy Sherwood – Chris Squire, Yes and Citizen – 216 – Yes Music Podcast”

Thanks again, Paul! Well I bumped into Alan in 2014 so maybe when I go to Birmingham this year!

Great interview with Billy Sherwood, Kevin and K. Citizen sounds pretty good after a 1st listen. Not sure where he got the idea that Galileo was involved with a flat earth controversy; it’s was heliocentrism. But the music is good. It reminds me of the Conspiracy albums in overall sound. I wonder how Sherwood practices the bass lines, solo or play along with a recording? And does he practice the harmonies also? Maybe next interview?!

Thank you for the kind words Brian. I’m sure like many of us musicians practicing involves many hours of jamming along with either a CD or vinyl copy of the album. Although now that he is closely involved with them again..I’m sure other forms of media assistance is available to him. Old rehearsal footage..Early drum and bass mixes of the songs to really get in depth. That would be my guess.
Thanks for listening and your continued support.

When I heard that Chris had entrusted Billy Sherwood with carrying on the tour, I was pretty sure that everything was going to be OK. After listening to this interview, I am positive that YES is in the care of those best capable of proceeding “Onward.”

…also, it kills me – it K I L L S me to see Chris now in the “alumni” section of

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