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Unexpected demo tracks and Total Rock Review DVD – 229

Looking forward to seeing this early Xmas present courtesy of Paul Caruana! Thank you! @yesofficial #prog #progrock
A gift fromPaul Caruana!

This week Mark looks at Union(!) and his two pence is about the vinyl resurgence. I have a think about some demo tracks I have encountered this week and also I start to look at my present from Paul Caruana, a DVD review of the opening chapter of Yes’ history.

  • Who created what track?
  • Was Drama a Downes and Horn double act with Yes as back-up?
  • Is the DVD any good?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

Show notes and links

Tormato behind the scenes:

Drama Sessions etc.:

Rick Wakeman’s controversial interview

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

6 replies on “Unexpected demo tracks and Total Rock Review DVD – 229”

Hello Kevin,and Mark
Happy birthday to you Mark I hope you had a great one
I have to say it was pretty Ironic that you had done a review of Union I was on my long commute into work on Friday morning and was able to listen again to this album.
I have to say I really liked this album like you mentioned all the recording issues aside this is a pretty good sounding album.There are a lot of what if’s for me on this record. One what would Yes have looked like today had Trevor stayed in the band? don’t get me wrong Yes is still the greatest band in the world as far as I’m concerned however the sound and production with Trevor is very different. I’m just one of those Yes fans that think Trevor brought out the best in everyone and it shows by sound,songs, and just intensity alone.
Interesting take on the demo’s I wish that Yes would make all of there studio stuff available I love the rich history of the music making process it’s just amazing and as many times as I seen Yes I always prayed that they would play Silent Wings Of Freedom that song rocks!

as always great show hope to hear more next week


Paul Tomei

Greetings Paul,
Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
Yes I agree…in fact the more I listen to Union the more it grows on me.
As far as the demos go..a lot of them have appeared as bonus tracks on the Yes remaster series. For example the Drama and Tormato CD’S have lots of bonus tracks…of which most are demos.
Thanks for your support.

Mark Anthony K

Hello Kevin! ‘Everybody’s Song’ is actually attributed to the 1976 sessions with Moraz before Wakeman joined for GFTO. If you listen to the (almost mixed completely out) moog solo closely, you can hear that it’s not Wakeman’s style at all but sounds like Moraz. The bonus tracks on the Rhino reissues aren’t always necesarily from the album sessions. For example, Turn Of The Century (Rehearsal) on GFTO has been estimated to be from 1974 because it includes a sizeable chunk of a section that would end up on Fish Out Of Water an because of Howe’s volume-pedal technique and trebly telecaster sounding tone.

Thanks John. It’s amazing that Everybody’s song is so old – I can hardly believe the band were thinking and sounding like this in 1976! It’s a bit like King Crimson’s ‘Red’ being far ahead of its time.

Fantastic to hear embryonic Fly From Here and that footage of Silent Wings of Freedom is priceless. There was probably only a 10-15 year period when footage was shot like that and so it has a great period look. It doesn’t work if you try to do that now.

Thanks Tim – yes I loved all that ‘hidden’ stuff as well. There is a tendency for everything to be ‘packaged’ nowadays which is a shame!

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