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Looking forward to the 5th Anniversary of the YMP – 228

cropped-12063068_1065326200174650_1758245473_n.jpgIt’s half term holiday in my part of the UK this week so I don’t have time to record very much. However, I do manage to look forward to the 5th anniversary of the YMP and Mark reviews a Trevor Rabin album as well as giving us his thoughts on streaming music services and leaking music to YouTube.

  • What was Trevor Rabin’s first album like?
  • Should we use streaming music services?
  • What’s in store for the 5th Anniversary of the YMP?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

Show notes and links

Get your copy of the Anderson Stolt album from here

Preston Frazier’s review of The Revealing Science of God

Yes play I’m Down in 1976

Miguel Falcao explains…

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12 replies on “Looking forward to the 5th Anniversary of the YMP – 228”

Let’s see…you can talk about the five original members, or the fifth album (“Close to the Edge”), “Five Percent for Nothing,” any tracks that are the fifth song on the album, any song that has a running time in the five minute range, any song that has been recorded live five times, and any song passages that are in 5/8 time… If I think of any others, I’ll let you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey Kevin,
Wow..some excellent and interesting suggestions. Definitely off to a good start as far as ideas are concerned.
Thanks for your support and your continued support.


Haha…yeah. ..I’m guessing that’s why he only used that title in South Africa.

Mark Anthony K

5 Top podcast since you gave those stats at the end of this episode
or perhaps the 5 best titles of yes tracks.
you have the 5 best guest list made already…
However I think whatever you do will be just dandy……
P.S to remark on Mark’s comments I use google play for my music source I purchase my music on line and I could not agree with you more that it is Very important to pay for the music that we enjoy hands down!

Great show as always please keep going its a great Podcast..


Paul Tomei

Greetings Paul,
Thank you for your comments and some great ideas for the 5th Anniversary show.
As far as your comments on the streaming issue. .I’m very glad to read that you are a supporter of paying for your music. If more people were like you..the music scene would be in a far greater state…of course that’s not to say that it’s the only thing wrong with it..but it’s a big part…artist can’t survive financially. .so they have to look for other work…which takes away from their time needed to write…record and next thing you know the frustration starts. ..and the band folds…this happens more and more with up and coming as well as mid tier artists..if they leave the system…then when all these legacy acts are gone it’s going to be very slim pickings for good music.

Mark Anthony K

Comment on Mark’s 2 Pence: Streaming Music
These days I listen to most of my music on Spotify. I buy CDs once in a while for things that aren’t on Spotify. I never did iTunes; I don’t like the way Apple controls their music files; only playable on Apple devices.

I agree that the artists are getting very little compensation from streaming services like Spotify, but it is what we have now. I’m hoping that a fairer system can be worked out. I am a paid subscriber to Spotify (I think it is worth every penny) so I’m not getting my music for free.

I read an article recently that suggested a much fairer way for Spotify to distribute the royalties to artists. Currenty, all the money goes into a pot and the artists get a percentage depending on how many times their songs are played. So, obviously, Katy Perry gets a lot bigger cut that Yes or a small band with a cult following. A fairer way to do it would be to divide up the subscriber’s money to the artists he actually listens to. So, for example, if I listened exclusively to Yes and Jean-Luc Ponty, then my $10 per month would be divided up between those 2 artists and none of my money would go to Katy Perry or Brittany Spears. Get it? That would also be fairer regarding paying subsribers and ones who listen for free. This wouldn’t cost Spotify anything; it would just divide up the money differently. Tell me what you think?

Anyway, the old record company model was broken and they’d been screwing the artists for decades. I think the system is still evolving into the digital era and hopefully will end up with something that is fair for all. Artists should hope to make a living wage and be able to devote themselves full time to their art.


Hello Guy,
Thank you for your comments regarding my 2 pence segment. You make a lot of good points. I especially like the one about subscribing fees going to specific artist…the ones the subscriber listens to. That would make much more sense and would also benefit the artist in knowing really how much support they have out there.

As I mentioned in a response earlier…the up and coming artists need to see income as well. It’s like football or baseball…if you don’t prepare the young acts and get them involved with all aspects…they will lose interest or simply won’t be able to survive. up and comers means no future…it’s as simple as that. Look to even your own jobs…there is a reason why management train new people…to prepare for the day when the established people leave.

Thanks again for your support.

Mark Anthony K

Is “streaming music” bad? No. Is “streaming music illegally” bad? Certainly. Is listening to new music on Spotify or other LEGAL streaming sites bad? No. Should there be changes to how artists are compensated for sites like Spotify, Pandora, etc? Yes.

Is Jamie done asking and answering his own questions? Maybe.

Hello Jamie,

Haha…nicely done.
Is this a common way to leave comments? No
Do I enjoy this way of getting comments? Yes
It’s straight to the point and easy to understand.
Thanks again for listening and leaving your comments. I’m hoping that people will start understanding that being a musician is just as much a skilled job as a draftsman is..if everyone could do it…they would…believe me if I tried to teach lots of people how to play the guitar…which opened my eyes to the realization that playing music is a skill and a gift. deserves to be paid for.

Mark Anthony K

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