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The Ladder Revisited – 290

The Ladder
The Ladder

Produced by Preston Frazier, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

This week I couldn’t find a time to record with Mark but we still managed to take another, separate look at The Ladder after many mentions of it recently. Mark also reviews Yesterdays.

  • What to leave out?
  • What to put on?
  • Live or studio tracks?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Episodes YMP Classic Feed

Hidden Yes gems in your collection – 219

Yesterdays Roger Dean label

In a shorter episode because of Easter, I think about some aspects of Yes albums I don’t normally dwell on. Also, Mark Anthony K reviews a remarkable Billy Sherwood album.

  • What hidden gems can you think of?
  • What are your favourite vinyl record labels?
  • Are CDs as good as you older record labels?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!

Episodes YMP Classic Feed

Episode 105 – Yes Tracks Through Time – Part 5 – America

America from Yesterdays

The one hundred and fifth episode of the Yes Music Podcast, featuring various renditions of the track, America’.

Listen and see if you agree with my take on the performances, then let me know by contacting me via any of the different routes on the right hand side or by leaving a comment below!

  • Is live always better than recorded?
  • How do changes in band members affect the performances?
  • Is this the best of the cover versions?