What did they do next part 14a – Trevor Rabin 433

Trevor Rabin’s 1989 solo album

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

With the news that Trevor Rabin is working on a new solo record, Mark and I bend the rules of the what did they do next series almost to breaking point so we can take a look at Trevor’s 1989 album, Can’t Look Away. Messages of protestation welcome but not necessary. This week we discuss our expectations of the record and then next week we’ll feed back on our listening experiences.

  • Did Trevor Rabin actually leave Yes in 1989?
  • What did he do while he was ‘away’?
  • Is this a good solo album?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Roger Dean’s live painting:

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  • Jeffrey Crecelius
  • Preston Frazier
  • Bill Govier and
  • Wayne Hall


Aaron Steelman

Dave Owen

Mark James Lang

Paul Tomei

Joost Maglev

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Martin Kjellberg

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4 replies on “What did they do next part 14a – Trevor Rabin 433”

Did you know that Trevor did a small UK tour long ago before any Yes links. I actually went to it, I am not sure why but I just did lots rock gigs of all sorts in Manchester. Around 1979/80, I think, the what I came away with was I clearly remember thinking this guy would be great for Yes, I should tell their manager!!! I mean it, he was so good live but also when I read his history and all the instruments he played I thought he is good enough for Yes.

I went away not thinking about it any more and look what happened!

I bet he is missing a crowd to play to, come on Trevor give us a gig again with or without Rick or Jon. We are feeling a little Fragile at the moment moment moment, and a Yes gig is not Soon.

I’ll always have a soft spot for this album & tour, as Trevor sent me a signed copy on vinyl, and then tickets & passes to his Cleveland, Ohio concert in Nov. I attended the soundcheck, concert & then was backstage (upstairs) at the Peabody’s DownUnder club with Trevor, manager Paul, and wife Shelley. I walked with them out of the building once they were ready to go. A wonderful evening & night, and my favorite of his solo albums-and Trevor’s also. Some of my photos from the soundcheck & gig are in Jon Kirkman’s new Yes book, Tales from Photographic Oceans. The attached photo is of the 12″ single from the album, signed for me by Trevor at the gig.

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