The time Dave Watkinson and his brother joined Yes – 432

Join in a wonderful story-telling session with Dave Watkinson. It’s another amazing Yes chat!

Dave with his latest book and his Jon Anderson and the Warriors EP

8 replies on “The time Dave Watkinson and his brother joined Yes – 432”

As always such a wonderful trip down memory lane and the photos well the icing on the cake!
Having seen them in Detroit in 76 at the cobo show and then again in 79 in the round those shows still resonate in my head they were life changing for me even still to this very day…..wonderful

Thanks for all the great Yes stuff!

Thank you Paul. Let me just say though that you saw some of the greatest Yes tours EVER in those two. Life changing, just at the right age to be wowed and mesmerized the same as I was.

Sooo jealous that I missed The Tormato Tour. If only it was nearer Blackburn at the time! At least we have The Friday Rock Show to thank for capturing it! ‘On The Silent Wings Of Freedom’ !! Magical!

brilliant hearing about your great Yes studio adVENTURE! 🙂 thanks for sharing Dave Watkinson!

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