Episode 189 – Revisiting The Ladder

The Ladder etc.
The Ladder, Ladder Tour programme and House of Blues DVD

After the review of The Ladder last week from Mark Anthony K, I thought I would find out a bit more about this time when Billy Sherwood was writing, recording and performing with the band. So I have looked at Jon Kirkham’s ‘Time and a Word – The Yes Interviews’ book and a YouTube video of a concert fro the US Ladder Tour.

  • What did Billy Sherwood think of The Ladder?
  • What can we learn about Sherwood’s live performances from this YouTube video?
  • How will Billy step into Chris’ shoes?

Also this week, I received the press release about the AndersonPonty Band’s new album and DVD.

Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty
Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty

I read the whole press release in the episode but here’s an extract:

One of the most eagerly awaited releases of 2015 by the AndersonPonty Band, featuring music icons Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty, is scheduled to hit the streets early Fall 2015! “Better Late Than Never” is the new album taken from a live performance, and enhanced with innovative production. The package includes a bonus DVD featuring outstanding performances by the band captured in September 2014 at the Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado.

The AndersonPonty Band has created some breathtaking new musical compositions. “Better Late Than Never” also showcases rearrangements of classic YES hits like “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, “Roundabout” and “Wonderous Stories”, as well as some of Jean Luc Ponty’s beloved compositions, with Jon’s lyrical vocals and melodies enhancing the music and creating a very special and unique sound such as “Infinite Mirage” a new song incorporating Jean Luc’s classic tune “Mirage”.

AndersonPonty Band website

Take a listen to the episode and let me know what you think!

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Episode 92 – The XYZ Project

Super group, XYZ
Super group, XYZ

The ninety-second episode of the Yes Music Podcast, featuring an exploration of the post-Drama project, XYZ, from Alan White, Chris Squire and Jimmy Page. Dave Lawson of Greenslade was also involved.

Listen and see if you agree with me, then let me know by contacting me via any of the different routes on the right hand side or by leaving a comment below!

  • Is any of the demo material worthy of appearing on the new Yes album?
  • Should XYZ reform and release the songs?
  • Has any of it seen the light of day so far?

YMP YouTube playlist for this episode

Sad news reached me this week of the passing of another of the extended Yes family, via my former colleague, Jim Sweetman:

R.I.P Mike Dunne, Yes engineer, tape operator and editor.

Mike was a key component in the definition of Yes’ sound and worked with the band from its early days until 1980.

Later, he returned to add his special talent to compilations like, ‘In a Word, Yes’.

Alongside Yes, Mike also worked with many other influential artists such as Mott the Hoople, Jon Anderson (for whom Mike was engineer on ‘Olias of Sunhillow’ and ‘Song of Seven’), Van Der Graaf Generator, Flash, Greg Lake and Alex Harvey.

A generous, gracious gentleman when I emailled him, Mike will be missed by all Yes fans.

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