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YMP reaches another milestone – 300

YES-Topographic Drama
YES-Topographic Drama

Produced by Preston Frazier, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

It’s the 300th episode! We take a look back at some notable happenings in the past 300 episodes and listeners also sent in their audio appreciation of Yes. We announce the winner of the Steve Howe Anthology 2 set, donated by Preston Frazier and Mark and I get a bit over excited about the new Yes live album!

  • What are your favourite bits from the first 300 episodes?
  • What is the new live album going to be like?
  • Can we keep going for another 300 episodes?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Yes LiveVideo mentioned by Tim Stannard

The YES MEMBER MATRIX by Fred Barringer

Downes Braide Association’s Skyscraper Souls:

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38 replies on “YMP reaches another milestone – 300”

Congrats on a great 300th Episode. Very Epic and Yes-like in it’s scope, length and number of contributor-members (ha, ha). May I suggest for a future episode on your way too 400 one where you ponder “Dream Lineups” from the current and past members list. One of mine might be:
BASS = GEDDY LEE! (Technically he play with Yes at the R&R gig so I am squeaking him in)

I don’t think it’s possible to link to a specific video on Facebook (or at least i couldn’t find one which is why I couldn’t send Kevin the link). It was basically part of And You and I with Trevor Rabin playing a solo. My opinion was that whilst technically and musically great, it reduced the song to something sounding much like hundreds of prog bands that grew up after the 80s. It was just plain “wrong”. This is not Trevor bashing – more as Kevin correctly interpreted – an example of just how important Steve (as with all the musicians) is to what makes Yes so very different to any other band then and now.
I can no longer find the vid, but if you’re browsing, it had the name of the town “AKRON” in capitals in the title.

Wow what a great show the dedication to the show really shows you both bring so much each week it is truly a joy. I hope that this great show continues just like the band itself always moving forward.
It was really nice to hear from the other listeners how Yes music has influenced them as well.
All the best

Paul Tomei

Yes I know… I spotted that when I played it through while editing but it was too late to fix it. I thought, ‘Jeremy won’t notice…’ What a fool. Sorry.

Just teasing my friend. What was worse is that you mixed up Yessongs with Yesshows. For an old fart like me they are oh so different.
I wonder does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? You and Mark played the same clip from your Chris Squire tribute. Not a great idea. Surely you still have the power of veto.
I still feel the frisson of the “will he won’t he”, each time you recount the tale of your trains, planes, automobiles (ok no planes) rush to get to Jon’s interview. That is probably my highlight of the 300.
I really enjoyed the clips from the listeners. I thought Joseph had lost the plot with his love message then he pulled out all the stops with his lyrics sign off. Well done Mr C, top work!

Oops sorry about the songs/shows thing. I’ve done that several times. The speed with which I need to put the episodes together does lead to a few slip-ups like the repeated Squire bit. Oh well, maybe after 300 more episodes I might be a bit more reliable 😉

Hey don’t even think about it. 300 episodes in the bank gives you carte blanche to make plenty of little slip ups. Mark gets away with his awful grammar scot free and he’s been on board for only a few weeks 🙂 You could of did it like that !!!
The songs/shows thing is interesting. I remember preordering Yesshows when it was announced then it was withdrawn only to be released a lot later. I find that album to be a pot boiler. On LP how on earth did they arrive at the decision to split Ritual between two records and also include “Don’t Kill the Whale” which is the worst song they ever recorded? For me Yessongs to Yesshows is literally from the sublime to the ridiculous.
In spite of my comment on Fb, I’ll probably buy the Topographic Drama CD set. I just hope the US audience don’t do their usual thing, preferring to whoop and whistle rather than to listen and appreciate the music. I detest live albums recorded over there.

If I recall correctly, the performance of ‘Ritual’ on Yesshows is over 28 minutes – too long for one side of a vinyl LP. Strangely, it’s still two separate tracks in iTunes, although when played it runs seamlessly… as long as you haven’t selected ‘shuffle’ play.

My favorite part of Yesshows is when Jon’s voice cracks a little on the chorus of Going for the One; so glad they left that in. There’s something about it that makes the song more affecting.

I decided to play the latest YMP while walking my dogs today. . . dogs are now thoroughly exhausted and I could use a nap as well!

Congrats on 300 episodes, Kevin (and Mark) – now that you got that out of the way we can really get down to business now, right?

Great 300th episode guys – congratulations. I’m thrilled that they are releasing Topographic Drama not least because I attended one of those shows in the US.

Thoroughly enjoying the 300th episode, so far – it’s so epic that I’ve had to break into a series of listens, and am still working on it. Listening to all the stories about how Yes has informed our lives, I feel disappointed now that I didn’t record my own (out of a combination of laziness and home life drama), especially as they all sound so different to my own experience.

I discovered the podcast a little over two years ago (ironically just a few weeks before the passing of Chris Squire) and it’s remarkable how much has happened/changed in that amount of time. I can’t remember what prompted me to search for a Yes podcast, but I’m glad I did as YMP quickly became something I look forward to every weekend. It also firmly cemented my passion for Yes, and encouraged me to finally get all of the band’s studio albums – including Tomato, which I hadn’t owned a copy of for years, thanks to Kevin’s championing of it. I wish more people had commented in the show about how they love the podcast as much as the band itself!

I hope the YMP continues for many more episodes to come! Thanks, Kevin and Mark.

Hey Charles
When Kevin invited us to send in our tributes to Yes, he specifically asked us not to make it about the podcast.

Yes that’s right, Jeremy. It’s about the band, not the show. However, it was lovely to have a few comments about the podcast thrown in!

What a kick to hear myself on my favorite podcast, even if I do still cringe at the sound of my recorded voice. Really loved how the show was put together with the back and forth setup between show highlights and fans’ memories. All the best guys.

Seriously guys, the only person in the world who doesn’t like your voice is you yourself. It’s a scientific fact, don’t you know…

What a great trip down memory lane! It seems unbelievable that the podcast has been going for about six years. If you’d asked me I’d have said I’d been listening for half hat time – and I started listening with episode four! I remember the doubts – what will Kevin do when he runs out of Studio albums, Live albums, solo albums? … well it soon becomes apparent that already we’re into dozens of episodes. I also love the episodes where we look back at some older reviews and hear how time may have changed opinions or how we hear them in a different light as facts about what was going on at the time of recording emerge.
I wasn’t sure when MAK became a regular co-presenter. Kevin’s script is a model of succinctness where every word counts, whereas MAK (and I hope he won’t mind me saying this) tends to ramble off tangentially before making his points, often leaving me screaming at the car audio system to get on with it, but the styles complement each other and an hour of just Kevin would probably leave me reeling from information overload.
I wish I could have contributed to the show, but whilst I regularly spend three hours in the pub talking about Yes, I have nothing of interest to contribute here.
How will you fill another 300 episodes? It’s hard to imagine, but I hae little doubt you’ll manage it. Keep up the great work and thanks.

I don’t think you need to worry about Mark, you’ll have seen how thick skinned he is from the recent photos. He does take us round the houses but hey, enjoy the view!

Regarding Kevin’s and Mark Anthony K’s complementary styles, the 80’s SCTV kid inside me secretly hopes that Mark one day will reply to Kevin’s proper and polite “Hello Mark” with a “How’s it going, eh?”

Haha…hmm. ..I might have to sneak that in one of the episodes. I’m sure Jeremy North would enjoy it. LOL!!

I second the sentiments of the greatness of the YMP! I may have to go back and listen to the 1st YMP to hear that bit of history. Congratulations Kevin on 300 shows! I am so glad that I sent in my audio to be part of it all.

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