What Did They Do Next Part 18b – Trevor Rabin – PLUS Arc of Life 460

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

Trevor in rock mode

Rabin-esque blog:

This is going to be a really long episode so maybe you should listen in a few parts.

There are several really important pieces of news about releases, some audio contributions, a special 2 pence about Arc of Life and a wonderful interview with Julie from the Rabin-esque blog about Trevor Rabin’s movie score-writing career and The Glimmer Man which was the first thing he did after leaving Yes in 1995.

Wow. So unfortunately I will need to postpone the full round up of social webs until next week. Incidentally if you’ve ever wondered how to see the community posts on the YMP Facebook page, you just need to click on the community tab towards the top of the page. There’s lots on there to enjoy and, as I say, I’ll get back to all that next week.

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of ARC OF LIFE’s self-titled debut album on February 12, 2021. Arc Of Life is a new progressive rock supergroup featuring three members of the current YES line-up, vocalist/guitarist Jon Davison, bassist/vocalist Billy Sherwood, and additional drummer Jay Schellen, one of the most interesting talents in the “new” progressive rock scene in the US, Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact) on keyboards, and Jimmy Haun (also featured on YES albums in the past) on guitar. Fans can get their first taste of the band’s forthcoming debut with the new single and video, ‘You Make It Real’. Watch HERE:
Pre-order/save “Arc Of Life” HERE:
The concept behind Arc of Life is, in keeping with the progressive rock philosophy, to craft creative, challenging, and ear-pleasing music that pushes boundaries. 
Billy Sherwood describes the music as, “interesting, with well-crafted songs, performed with precision and grace. All songs feature memorable melodies and lyrics that take the listener on a sonic adventure. Dynamic arrangements with peaks and valleys… it’s all there.”
The other idea behind the band is that YES would be a clear point of influence. But while YES is clearly the main point of comparison, a lot of musical similarities can be drawn to describe Arc Of Life’s grandiose and epic approach to music. 
In Jon Davison’s words, “Each YES member understands and supports when others may desire to explore and thrive along new artistic avenues. We then each find further inspiration to bring back to the YES fold.”
But all the descriptions are best left to the listeners to discern for themselves as repeat listens will reveal more layers. 
Arc Of Life is a true garden of delight for progressive rock fans and the band is looking forward to performing live. “Once the world gets over the COVID hump, Arc Of Life will be planning as much touring as we can fit in between YES and our other projects. Quite honestly, we’re all chomping at the bit to be out performing again!” concludes Jon Davison.
1. Life Has A Way
2. Talking With Siri
3. You Make It Real
4. Until Further Notice
5. The Magic Of It All
6. Just In Sight
7. I Want To Know You Better
8. Locked Down
9. Therefore We Are
10. The End Game
Billy Sherwood – Bass and vocals
Jon Davison – Vocals
Jay Schellen – Drums
Jimmy Haun – Guitars
Dave Kerzner – Keyboards
  • What is Trevor Rabin’s film music like?
  • What do we need to listen to?
  • What do Arc Of Life sound like?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Downes Braide Association (DBA) have announced the release of their new album Halcyon Hymns. The CD/DVD is out on 5th February 2021, and 2LP White Vinyl edition on 26th March 2021. 

Halcyon Hymns will be the fifth DBA collaboration and follows their previous critically-acclaimed studio albums Pictures of You (2012), Suburban Ghosts (2015) and Skyscraper Souls (2017). The duo have also released Live In England (2019) recorded at their first ever concert at Trading Boundaries, East Sussex, in 2018. 

“Marc Almond suggested I ‘get stuck into another DBA record’ to lift the malaise,” say Braide. “Somehow It was hard to muster any enthusiasm for it. We had all been so upbeat at the recent shows and now here we were in a collective, creative void. It’s odd the way inspiration strikes though and it never ceases to delight and surprise me when the muse comes to play and it can happen at any time and without warning. 

“I opened up a folder of new DBA ideas Geoff (Downes) had sent to me a while back and which I’d listened to briefly and had made a note to do something with them at a later date. I can’t say why it happened but one day in the studio as I listened to the bits and pieces of ideas suddenly the songs started tumbling out as if by magic. I’m not exaggerating or being melodramatic. These new songs sounded like personal reflections, they just wrote themselves. It was so easy, so enjoyable and so meant to be. Like a gift.” 

A few words from Geoff: “It was so great to witness Chris’s creativity making my fundamental ideas come alive. He took the bare bones of melodies, harmonies and textures I sent him, and somehow crafted these into something way beyond my expectations or imagination. ‘Love Among The Ruins’ is one of the many examples on the album of his rare genius at work.”

Love Among The Ruins is a delightful and uplifting love song, reflecting memories and tributes of a long lost halcyon time in life. The first track to be taken from the new album, Love Among The Ruins, is out today 4th December.

Halcyon Hymns also features contributions by Marc Almond (ex-Soft Cell) and David Longdon (Big Big Train).

The CD/DVD package also includes video footage of legendary artist Roger Dean’s painting sessions as he creates the album cover artwork for Halcyon Days together with lyric videos for three tracks from the album.

Halcyon Hymns track listing:

Disc 1

01. Love Among The Ruins

02. King Of the Sunset

03. Your Heart Will Find The Way

04. Holding The Heavens

05. Beachcombers

06. Warm Summer Sun

07. Today

08. Hymn To Darkness

09. She’ll Be Riding Horses

10. Late Summer

11. Remembrance

12. Epilogue

Disc 2: DVD

01. Roger dean Painting Sessions

02. Love Among The Ruins

03. Your Heart Will Find A Way

04. Today

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

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Geoff Downes on DBA3 – Skyscraper Souls – 306

DBA3 - Skyscraper Souls
DBA3 – Skyscraper Souls

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Michel Arsenault, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier.

We managed to speak to Geoff Downes about his other new release – The Downes Braide Association’s DBA3 – Skyscraper Souls. Mark and I go into a lot of detail about the album and then ask Geoff some questions about its construction and influences.

There’s also time for a rather mischievous Yes and ARW 2 pence so something for everyone, we hope!

  • Is this DBA album a continuation of or a revolution from the last?
  • Did Geoff ever meet any of the contributors?
  • What is the writing process like?

Chris Braide and Geoff Downes
Chris Braide and Geoff Downes

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Roger Dean interview

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YMP reaches another milestone – 300

YES-Topographic Drama
YES-Topographic Drama

Produced by Preston Frazier, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

It’s the 300th episode! We take a look back at some notable happenings in the past 300 episodes and listeners also sent in their audio appreciation of Yes. We announce the winner of the Steve Howe Anthology 2 set, donated by Preston Frazier and Mark and I get a bit over excited about the new Yes live album!

  • What are your favourite bits from the first 300 episodes?
  • What is the new live album going to be like?
  • Can we keep going for another 300 episodes?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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New publicity shot:

Yes LiveVideo mentioned by Tim Stannard

The YES MEMBER MATRIX by Fred Barringer

Downes Braide Association’s Skyscraper Souls:

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Downes Braide Association’s ‘Suburban Ghosts’ – Review and Competition Results! – 202

Suburban Ghosts
Win a copy of the new Downes Braide Association album, ‘Suburban Ghosts’!

So what’s the Downes Braide Association album like? I take a careful listen to ‘Suburban Ghosts’ and then disclose the winners of the competition to win one of two copies!

  • Is this stuck in the 80s?
  • Is it prog?
  • Is it any good?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!


Episodes YMP Classic Feed

Geoff Downes on Downes Braide Association’s ‘Suburban Ghosts’ – 201

Suburban Ghosts
Win a copy of the new Downes Braide Association album, ‘Suburban Ghosts’!

After popping into episode 200 last week, Geoff Downes is back to talk about his new album with Chris Braide. Geoff also sets the question to win one of two copies of the album. Send your answers to by 19th November 2015. I will choose the winners at random on next week’s show.

  • What style of music do Downes Braide Association create?
  • Is there more than meets the eye in this album?
  • How does Geoff fit all his music making in?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!