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Mark’s ARW experience including an interview with Lee Pomeroy – 299

Produced by Preston Frazier, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

Mark went to see ARW in concert this week and he also managed to meet up with Lou Molino and Lee Pomeroy! He recorded some audio with Lee and  gives us his view of the show. In a complementary event, I received my Yes Active CD-ROM which is wonderful!

  • What was the ARW concert like?
  • How were Lou and Lee?
  • What is the Yes Active CD-ROM like?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Show notes and links

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Rabinesque YesWest article including a section on the Yes Active CD-ROM

Team Rock story about Baetrix Players

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9 replies on “Mark’s ARW experience including an interview with Lee Pomeroy – 299”


The Toronto show was my 3rd ARW show to date having travelled to the UK earlier this year and caught the Glasgow and Edinburgh shows

Enjoyed it very much but would place it between Glasgow and Edinburgh , with Glasgow being the best .

Anderson’s voice was excellent as was his stage presence , Rabin the best I have seen him , his vocals so much better now , Wakeman to low in the mix and his Awaken section appeared to be shorter than in the UK with less improvisation
The rhythm section were excellent but miss that booming bass that used to thud of your chest from CS but sure JA happier to have the bass lower in the mix

Best songs for me were

Hold on

I am waiting was new to my ear live and enjoyed it but not sure if they should keep it in , still much preferable to Lift me Up

SSOTS , when Yes played it in 2004 it rocked with the guitar keyboard interaction at the end , Sadly ARW they do not include it in 2017

AYAI , when I first heard ARW play it I though , yikes not sure about it , now used to their take on it and its growing on me but so miss SH and that steel guitar

Sold out crowd it looked like and they appeared to love

Looking forward to their album and tour next year

2017 and still seeing Yesmusic live by both ARW and Yes is a dream come true , long may it continue

Very cool I had that CD ROM when it first came out and I remember viewing it on my Dell desktop computer that I paid way to much for…lol However it was cutting edge at the time because I don’t remember any bands doing this before Yes did it.
Great interview Mark very cool talk with Lee seems like a very genuine guy and sounds like he really is enjoying himself.
I don’t think I would like the lack of bass sound I mean Yes to me will always need more bass sound I’m surprised they have not addressed this issue or perhaps this is the way Trevor and Jon want it like this.
What I don’t understand is that with these three great musicians why they don’t expand their set list or change up the set list I mean with all the music they have to work with wondering why they are playing a limited set list.
Great show guys as always.
Can’t wait for next week show should be a great one and congratulations on show 300!

I loved hearing the details of the Yes Active CD-ROM. I’ve heard a lot of comments (some from the band) that the Victory label didn’t promote Talk enough…… but does anyone remember the TV commercial for the Talk album? There was also a TV show (I forget the name of it, but it was an entertainment magazine-style show) that had a lengthy segment that was supposedly about what road crews do, but was really an ad for Yes’s Talk tour. The road crew being followed in the episode segment was Yes’s, and it showed them performing the opening of “The Calling” in a small amphitheater (the narration said “there’s no lighting since this is a day time show”), and had moments like the road crew sitting around talking about how Yes were “the best bunch of musicians I’ve ever worked for”. Between the TV coverage and the release of the Yes Active CD-ROM (an obvious next step for an album Rabin recorded largely on computer), I think Victory did a pretty reasonable job of making people aware of Talk……. but not a lot of people were interested in it at the time. in 1994, I was exactly the kind of person who the label was trying to attract – both a huge contemporary music fan AND a huge Yes fan who owned almost all their albums (I was 22 in 1994), and I still wasn’t thrilled by the album even though I caught all of the promotional activity. Oh well……..

Well, Mark, I hate to rain on your parade, shoot down your balloons and destroy your hopes and dreams, but your description of the show opening is EXACTLY the same as I saw nearly a year ago: first Lee and Lou, the Rabin and Wakeman, ‘Cinema,’ then Jon and into ‘Perpetual Change.’ They haven’t changed much of anything. Sorry.

Hello Joseph,
Great to hear from you. Haha. didn’t shatter my dreams. I did say “I wasn’t sure if they did that at other shows”…and I wasn’t talking about the setlist..I was more wondering about the “long lost brother hug” they gave each other at center stage before starting Cinema.

Hi Mark, enjoyed your ARW show review – eventually! At the start, I thought, “is Mark parodying a Rick Wakeman, “Grumpy Old Men” episode”? – Jon’s little bells (more cow bell man!) and the comfort of the seats! LOL. Then, you warmed up and it was a great review.

I really liked the explanation of the mixing and what dictates a good mix. That was helpful. I was at a Robin Williams show several years back and I could not hear him at all. The manager said, “Sorry, you are sitting in dead zone” What the heck is a dead zone? Got my money back though.

Not sure I could see Lee and Lou co-writing an album the way I can see Billy S and Jon D co-writing. I have seen Lee a few times in different bands and both Lee and Lou are great musicians for sure. I saw them as a couple of session guys though with ARW as the front guys. I guess I do not think of them as prog guys like Billy and Jon – I am happy to be proved wrong.

I was wondering if there is anyone in the wings to step in for Steve Howe when he retires? I am scratching my head as to who that might be? Maybe a 2 cents bit? A top 5 of potentials. I never had that problem when I thought about the next bass, keyboard or drummer. I did with the singer though.

Lastly, thank you for the shout out for Beatrix Players – I downloaded “Magnified” A lovely surprise!



Loved-just LOVED-Mark and Lee geeking out about Rush live albums, that was just great and Lee’s commentary made me pull out the DIFFERENT STAGES bonus cd with the ’78 Hammersmith show. We’ll make a Rush fan out of Kevin yet!

[OT] I managed to wean myself off Rush decades ago, but now you’ve piqued my interest. I never knew Different Stages existed – but I saw them at Hammy Odeon on that tour so now I’ll have to buy it!

Interesting podcast chaps getting back to the nitty gritty.

I enjoyed Kevin’s thoughts on the Talk CD-ROM though it did seem a little harsh on some of the technical points which at the time must have been thrilling cutting edge stuff. I think the long suffering Mrs M should be on the show too as she helped him win the bid.

Mark’s chat with Lee was also from a bygone age, recorded obviously on wax cylinder. I’d rather not have seen the accompanying pictures! I did though like the narrative and am really pleased he got to meet up with Lee and Lou and hear his thoughts on their contributions to the band. Sorry that yet again he was denied the chance to see Yes live. I hope that of the cancelled dates, if ever Steve returns to touring, Toronto will be top of the list.

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