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Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman – Live at the Apollo – 350

YES feat. ARW Live!
YES feat. ARW Live!

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

We’re back with an in-depth review of Yes Featuring ARW’s live new album. There are several different audio and video versions and it looks and sounds great!

  • How does this collection sound and look?
  • Do we miss Howe?
  • Can we hear Lee Pomeroy’s bass?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think! is now live!

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6 replies on “Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman – Live at the Apollo – 350”

Kevin makes the transition from true fan to obsessive this week “…although I can’t really remember orderings all these [versions of Live at the Apollo]”

Another great show guys. Re Trevor’s playing, yes, he is still having problems with his right hand. He’s wearing a fingerless glove when not on stage. I was told backstage last Sun. that one reason the 100 date tour was cut short was because of Trev’s pain/discomfort (along with Jon & Rick’s solo tours). Likewise, Sundays show was sadly cut short at less than 2 hours, the same as the casino show the night before, with 2 songs cut, “Perpetual Change” and “Lift Me Up.”

Pluses: Mostly great set list. Nice variations and modernizations of some arrangements. Decent mix. Great performances. Shortened Owner jam.

Minuses: Setlist could have been a little more inclusive with a Talk song and Shoot High AIM Low from BG. Fake Crowd piped in too often and too loud. Lee P. Bass should have been up a little more.

Overall: A-

I agree with Fred B. This could have been a really great live album. Great performances, beautifully recorded. The lack of bass in the mix is an issue. But the inclusion of artificial crowd noise throughout the performance, often at the most unrealistic moments when a real crowd would have been listening silently, has ruined the listening experience for me. Of course we all know that it is common practice to include additional crown noise on concert recordings to build the atmosphere, but this is most intrusive and poorly judged example I have ever heard. It’s such a shame because the music itself is just wonderful.

Just a quick comment on hearing live performances raw versus enhanced. If I’m at a show, I really don’t want the tech to come in and clean things up. Isn’t the point of going to a live show that you are hearing the version that exists at that moment in time? Here is an example from a few days ago. I saw Robert Plant and the Shapeshifters at the Telluride Blues Festival. He sang 4 Led Zepp songs, among many others. (Not quite LZ50, but still.) He can’t sing them like the original. To some extent he tries, and to some extent he changes things around. Did anyone care? NO. We were there to see Robert Plant as he is now (with, by the way, an absolutely incredibly backing band). Maybe that makes me a five percenter (if only!). When it comes to the recordings, I’m more open. I wasn’t at the show, and I guess I don’t care if someone cleans up a real howler in what was otherwise a great performance. But I certainly am not looking for fidelity to a recorded version. I want the difference.

Finally received the Bluray (30 days after release, thank you very much Pledge) and I put it on yesterday. I managed to get through I’ve Seen All Good People, before I had to turn it off. I’m actually contemplating returning it, because the fake crowd noise is so distracting that it’s like I’ve been given a faulty product.

People are heard cheering where an entire view oft he room makes it clear that no one was cheering at the time. The cheering happens randomly. AND IT’S THE SAME SOUND BITE USED 90% OF THE TIME!

Sorry, this was a huge missed opportunity. And to think I also bought the LP…

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