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Favourites from the Internet plus Yes or Anderson Rabin Wakeman – which is more authentic? 240

Yes' home on the web -
Yes’ home on the web –

We are trying out a new format on the podcast beginning this week. There’s the usual news and an album review from Mark (Keys to Ascension II) but then I take part in a discussion of Mark’s 2 Pence which is about how the Internet has changed how we find out about our favourite band and we also have a chance to discuss an email from Joseph Cottrell about the authenticity of the current touring Yes band compared with Anderson Rabin Wakeman – ARW.

  • What’s KTAII like?
  • What have you discovered which amazed you about Yes from the web?
  • Are ARW more Yes than Yes?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

Episodes YMP Classic Feed

Anderson Ponty Band Competition! – Episode 197

APB Better Late Than Never
Anderson Ponty Band – Better Late Than Never

The ‘Happening’ I keep referring to was postponed again this week which only left me enough time to do a very short episode containing a review of ABWH by Mark Anthony K and the details of how to enter the Anderson Ponty Band competition to win one of two copies of the new album, ‘Better Late Than Never’!

  • Send your competition entry to
  • What does Mark Anthony K think of ABWH?
  • Was it really all peace and harmony in the band at the time?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!