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Episode 160 – The Second Yes Music Podcast Quiz!

The Second YMP Quiz!

The one hundred and sixtieth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring the Second Yes Music Podcast Quiz!

  • How many Yes Alphabet questions can you answer?
  • How much do you know about Yes album covers?

Listen to the episode and then submit your answers! Last time, Joost Maglev won the quiz – this time it could be you!


  1. Which letter I is the Young Rascals tune, which was given the Yes cover treatment in 1971 but only released in The Word Is Live boxed set many years later.
  2. Which letter G do I describe as “not an easy listen by any means but the order out of chaos which happens towards the end is masterfully handled with the acoustic guitar solo passage leading to a hauntingly beautiful melody.”
  3. Which D did I sum up like this: “A great artist and I think the gracious and generous way he accepted his departure of the band will always speak volumes about his integrity and how much he personally got out of the experience.”
  4. Who was Ken Brodie referring to in the letter Q episode when he said this – “”given those aborted sessions it makes him an interesting choice.  If memory serves, I don’t think some of the members had kind words for him in the years following the sessions.  It always seems, though, the members of the band are good at fence-mending.”
  5. Which Letter S track did I describe like this – “The tender beauty of this song always sends shivers down my spine. For a real Squire treat listen to his quiet but perfectly-formed line as it climbs around the highest reaches of the instrument and then cascades down for the chorus. Kaye adds some engaging keyboards and it’s an immersive trip encompassing the best of the flower power era as well as the developing Yes aesthetic. A lovely song.”
  6. Which letter E track am I talking about when I say “This track only contains one official Yes man alongside arguably the only other bass player most Yes fans would be happy to have in the band if Chris Squire were ever to leave.”
  7. Which Letter P is this? “The band take the opportunity to emphasise the title by moving to a couple of different triple time feels, settling on an almost waltz beat after the more complex opening patterns. The lyrics talk about inside out and outside in, beautifully reinforcing the topsy-turvy arrangement.”
  8. What letter B prompted me to ponder like this? “Maybe we can see the beginnings of the split between band members who wanted to go separate ways – those pushing for more rock-orientated, heavy songs and those attempting to pull things back in a more progressive direction (if that’s not a contradiction in terms).”
  9. The work of which letter M prompted me to say this? “His use of psychedelic colour palettes and shapes might make him a good fit for the band – at least in its late 60s origins but the cover of this album with its minimalist plain white background doesn’t really convey that feeling at all.”
  10. And finally, Which letter J did I point out had appeared twice in different band’s visual work but not played a note on any of their musical output?
  11. Which Yes album cover features icebergs and black and white creatures?
  12. Which Yes album cover was changed for US release due to the imagery used on the original?
  13. Which album cover was the first to feature the Roger Dean bubble logo?
  14. Name 1 album cover which features both the bubble Yes logo and the square, Japanese inspired one.
  15. Which album cover was originally intended to be reversible and so has the name of the album on both the back and the front?
  16. Most Yes album covers consist of paintings or other graphic elements but name one which also features at least one photograph.
  17. Which Roger Dean cover includes a real landmark from planet earth?
  18. Which album cover features a digitized world map?
  19. Which original album cover includes black and white photographic elements?
  20. Which album cover did Roger Dean say was supposed to look like leather?