Interview special 8 – progressive rock band, The Danglers

I was delighted to receive these through the post! (Click to enlarge)

The Danglers were extremely generous, intelligent and fun guests.

We talked about Yes, The Danglers, music technology, the state of the music industry and many other fascinating topics in an engrossing and entertaining interview.

It’s a little longer than the usual podcast episodes but I can promise you that it’s well worth listening right to the end!

The Danglers links:

Take a listen to some fantastic tracks by The Danglers:



Interview special 7 – Yes Fan and musician, Joost Maglev

Joost Maglev

It was great to talk to Joost Maglev recently about a very wide range of Yes-related topics including:

  • insights into Chris Squire’s bass technique and technical set up
  • how Yes put their music together
  • Benoit David
  • The future for Yes – hopes and reality

Joost links:

Check out Joost playing a lot of the instruments on this as well as co-writing and producing (teaser video):

Interviewed on Twilight Guitar!

MJ Murphy's great site

MJ Murphy was the first interviewee on the Yes Music Podcast Interview Specials.

He recently returned the favour and was kind enough to interview me for his own podcast, which is part of his fantastic Twilight Guitar website.

Not only is Mike a brilliant teacher and guru of all things guitar, he’s also a talented blogger, podcaster and one of the most generous people you could hope to meet.

So make sure you listen to the interview on his site, sign up for his podcast and then take a look at the rest of what Mike has done – it’s all great!


Interview special 6 – Martin Jones’ view of Yes in concert

Interview special

Martin Jones went to the Bristol concert so it was great to talk to another Yes Music Podcast listener recently about his experiences.

During Starship Trooper this lady was thrown out…the first time I’ve ever seen that at a Yes concert!

Martin shares this and other reflections on the 2011 Yes tour.

If you have a Yes story you’d like to share, please get in touch – I’d be more than happy to speak to you via Skype!

Interview special 5 – Liam Barnes’ view of Yes in concert

Interview special

It was great to speak to another Yes Fan and Yes Music Podcast listener, Liam Barnes, about the Yes concert in Manchester.

“…someone’s got to be on-side from the press haven’t they?”

Liam is a journalist and has recently produced the following pieces for the Mancunian Matters website:

Yes please! Prog legends return to Manchester

Review: Yes @ Manchester Apollo 13/11/2011

If you have a Yes story you’d like to share, please get in touch – I’d be more than happy to speak to you via Skype!

(Apologies for the sound quality on this interview. Liam’s laptop microphone wasn’t brilliant but I thought it was important to let you hear what he had to say.)