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Interview special 7 – Yes Fan and musician, Joost Maglev

Joost Maglev

It was great to talk to Joost Maglev recently about a very wide range of Yes-related topics including:

  • insights into Chris Squire’s bass technique and technical set up
  • how Yes put their music together
  • Benoit David
  • The future for Yes – hopes and reality

Joost links:

Check out Joost playing a lot of the instruments on this as well as co-writing and producing (teaser video):

4 replies on “Interview special 7 – Yes Fan and musician, Joost Maglev”

Wow interesting take on a lot of things which I totally enjoyed
Thanks. I like the comment about sometimes i would listen to just one Yes album god i did that on every album they made and I fine myself still doing that.
I feel that Yes has always made some of there best music under or with a lot of strife not saying this happened all the time but if you look at the past albums like Close to the edge when they interviewed them or wrote about how they came to that final sound was incredible also with Tales and the Rick Wakman thing not being happy with it and listen to that album it blows you away! so I feel that there has always been a some kind of force working against or for them and I think thats what makes them Great! I have not seen Benoit live but what I have seen on You tube I feel like it is Drama all over again and I seen that show live and it comes down for me that its not just Jon’s voice but his spirit and devotion to the love he has for his music and yes music that makes it impossible to duplicate.I do like Fly from here I feel its a great piece of work.I do believe that Jon will be back with Yes at some point its just going to take time

Great show


Paul Tomei

Thanks, Paul. Joost is a very interesting and talented guy. You are right that Yes music has ts own spirit – something impossible to define which is bigger than the individual members of the band at any one time. Here’s to the future of the world’s greatest progressive rock band!

Hi Paul, thanks for your insight!

Indeed some of their best albums have been made when everything was working for them, when they had time to create the music and record it. But even when Yes produce an album of already finished songs (like it was with the Squire/Sherwood driven Open Your Eyes) they still manage to produce some solid music.

Personally I think Benoit sounds good on the album but what I didn’t managed to say in the podcast was that I thought live he was a bit disappointing, singing out of key a lot… Never mind – filling Jon’s shoes is not an easy thing to do and he does it with daring and flair.

Again thanks for listening to this podcast special. I think Kevin’s work is astounding and thank him for being a part of it.

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