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Episode 68 – My programmes

Four great shows (click to enlarge)
Four great shows (click to enlarge)

The sixty-eighth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring the programmes I have collected from Yes shows.

Listen and see if you have any similar Yes programmes then let me know by contacting me via any of the different routes on the right hand side or by leaving a comment below!

  • What can we learn about the state of the band at the time from the programmes?
  • Are all programmes created equal?
  • What makes for a satisfying Yes programme?
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Oliver Wakeman re-joins Yes (not really)

Yes are playing at Birmingham Symphony Hall on 11th November, 2011. I can’t afford to go, sadly, but I took a look at the website. Imagine my surprise to see from the photo on the site that Oliver Wakeman will be appearing! Ah, no, wait…that’s an old press photo:

Birmingham Symphony Hall Yes advertisement
Alan White, Chris Squire, Benoit David, Steve Howe and...oh hold on...

Yes ‘no support’ shock!

Also, I was dismayed to see that, according to the advertisement, there is no longer any support for the band we all love, despite the concert being practically sold out already! Oops, wrong again…sorry 😉