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A Yes Miscellany and a World Trade album review – 237

Ken Fuller shot
A shot from Ken Fuller’s concert experience

I’m off on holiday for the next two Fridays so episodes will be shorter than normal. We have the benefit of Mark’s latest album review this week, however – from Billy Sherwood’s World Trade band – and Mark also adds his latest 2 pence for your consideration. I also grab a chance to listen to a couple of interesting miscelaneous tracks from Kevin Brodie’s CDs he sent me recently. Ken Fuller has been to see Yes recently and he has kindly sent along both an audio review and audio review and a set of photographs – thanks Ken!

  • What was World Trade like originally?
  • How was Ken Fuller’s latest Yes gig?
  • What amazing and slightly random Yes related tracks will turn up?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!