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A Yes Miscellany and a World Trade album review – 237

Ken Fuller shot
A shot from Ken Fuller’s concert experience

I’m off on holiday for the next two Fridays so episodes will be shorter than normal. We have the benefit of Mark’s latest album review this week, however – from Billy Sherwood’s World Trade band – and Mark also adds his latest 2 pence for your consideration. I also grab a chance to listen to a couple of interesting miscelaneous tracks from Kevin Brodie’s CDs he sent me recently. Ken Fuller has been to see Yes recently and he has kindly sent along both an audio review and audio review and a set of photographs – thanks Ken!

  • What was World Trade like originally?
  • How was Ken Fuller’s latest Yes gig?
  • What amazing and slightly random Yes related tracks will turn up?

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

Show notes and links

Ken Fuller’s shots from his latest Yes concert:

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

18 replies on “A Yes Miscellany and a World Trade album review – 237”

My 5 Yes members would be as follows….
Trevor Rabin, Jon Anderson, Bill Buford, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire.

I believe that Yes music will last for years to come when real musician’s come together there music is just simply put, real and not made from any computer but real people with real love for the music.
As displayed with the current people on tour playing the music with love and compassion,that’s what makes Yes Great!

Paul Tomei

Hello Paul,

Thank you for being the first to comment. Very interesting selection but I did mention only 2 members of the classic Yes to be used. You have 3 (Chris, Jon and Rick)..maybe you can modify that.
As for your comments on Yes music. .I agree with you 100%. Especially the part about the current line up. I think they are playing the music very well.

Mark Anthony K

Only two of classic: Squire, Rick Wakeman. Bruford,of course. Davison. And on guitar: Sherwood. Fun game!

Hey Jeff,

Wow…that’s the spirit. Great selections!The ffunny thing is …now that Billy is back as bass player I totally forgot to mention him as a guitar player option. Great choice.

Sorry Mark I have a bad case of CRS so to revise my list …
Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Patrick Moraz, Trevor Rabin,Alan White….

It’s a bitch getting old Mark

Hey Paul,’s cool. Although i think you meant to put: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Patrick Moraz, Trevor Rabin and Bill Bruford. …you did have Bill on your original list….and if you put Alan you would have 3 again (Jon, Chris and Alan).


The perfect 5? I guess we’ll never know, but I think Jon Davison, Trevor Rabin, Patrick Moraz, Chris Squire & Bill Bruford would have made for a hell of a band. I believe this line up, and probably a few others, would be able to play anything that Yes ever did. Patrick and Bill did an album or two together, I believe. Trevor working with Patrick is insanely good (in my mind……you should hear this). Jon Davison is my favorite singer the band has had. The only reason I still put Jon Anderson above him, (though not in my imaginary band ;-)), is that Jon wrote all the really great stuff, (lyric wise). Chris Squire is without peer. Sorry. Even my imaginary Yes must have the incomprable fish. But hey…..that’s only one of what, I guess, most of you call the “Classic 5”. By position, these are actually my 5 favorite player over Yes’ long history.

Hi Kevin,

So glad you are enjoying the music I sent to you. I would like to add some information regarding the songs you discussed. First off:

Close to the Hype: When you listen to this, it’s hard to believe this is the same young man on “Circus of Heaven,” but there is, all grown up! It’s my understanding that Damian Anderson had aspirations of being a rapper in the early nineties (not too much of a surprise–Dad and both of his sisters are singers) but his career never took off. He did leave us this: a fun, catchy hip-hop tribute to his Dad’s band. I believe he is a restaurateur now.

As for it being good hip-hop…well, my knowledge of hip-hop encompasses this song and the Hamilton soundtrack, so I’m also not the guy to ask!

Your Move: I found this version quite by accident–a chap by the name of Nic Caccioppo (sp?) owned a record store in California that specialized in prog music. I spent a lot of money at his store for a few years, and in one of my orders he decided to include a cd single of this recording at no charge.

Fradon and Ritter are a contemporary folk duo from upstate New York that were active in the nineties and early aughts, but appear to be less active these days. I’m with you–I love this version. They have great voices and harmonies, and the arrangement is splendid. I think it’s my favorite cover of this song.

State of Independence: This song has also been covered a great deal. I also possess the Donna Summer and Chrissie Hynde versions, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with SOI covers! They are all good, and as you can imagine, quite different, but Andrea Corr’s is my favorite. She sings her heart out, and the arrangement is fantastic. Can we get she and Jon to record a duet version, please?

I hope you found that information helpful. Cheers!

Amy & Leslie as they were/are known are somewhat local to where I live in NY. I met Leslie at a music camp called The Swananoah Gathering in Ashville, North Carolina, USA. Their vocal harmonies make a great cover of Your Move. Leslie has several CDs out with Scott Petito, who is a great producer/bass player. Amy Fradon also has solo and band CDs.

OK, Mark, here we go: Alan White, only it has to be the Alan White from the mid seventies who did all that incredible drumming on Yessongs, Tales, Going For The One and ESPECIALLY Relayer; Billy Sherwood – because what he and Alan White From 40 Years Ago could do now would be amazing; Tom Brislin because he’s considered “alumni” by the band so I’d like to hear what sort of composing he could contribute (and he sings too, so there!); Steve Howe because STEVE HOWE; and Jon Davison, only it’s Jon Davison From Five Years In The Future, after everyone has gotten over their tantrums about him not being Jon Anderson and realized just how much hard work he is putting into this gig.

You were right – this one was pretty amazing, and it took a while to decide on the lineup… AND you managed to work your “two” fetish into it, as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Joseph,
I’m sorry for not responding sooner.. for some reason over the last week or so Everytime I’ve tried to comment I would get a connection error. I’m pretty sure that was a tech problem on my end. Anyways…I love your selection you made for your ideal version of Yes. Nice to see Tom Brislin getting some love. And yes I can see my 2 obsession continuing into many more 2 pence segments.
Take care,
Mark Anthony K

I heard a cover of Your Move/All Good People on Sirius Deep Tracks.

I was stunned to learn that the cover was performed by the Tommy Shaw Band.

Tommy Shaw was a Styx guy, and I’ve never cared for that band, but Shaw’s cover of Yes was loose and playful, and Shaw’s guitar work in the song was terrific.

Greetings Steve,
Sorry for the delay in responding. Had some trouble getting online. In any case thank you for the comment. I’ve never heard this cover before but I will definitely search it out as I’m a fan of Tommy Shaw and his guitar playing.
Thanks again for your support.

Mark Anthony K

Another thought provoking Two Pence Mark.

A no brainer for the two from the classic line up, that’s Jon and Chris. Also an easy choice for the drums, Bill Bruford is the best they ever had as long as he leaves out the electronic kit. Between Pete and Trevor on guitar, I’d opt for the latter as he’s multitalented and a visionary. Keys would have to be Moraz. I like Kaye’s work but the swiss wizard has what it takes to fill Rick’s boots.

Greetings Jezzafox,
Thank you for the compliment. I was hoping it would be “thought provoking” enough for such a knowledgeable bunch like you guys.
I like your selections and reasons behind them leave little to debate…to most Jon and Chris are the heart and soul of Yes. Bill has been a long fan favorite. .even through his poorly thought out Simmons era…Trevor is someone who is respected not only as a guitar player but a top notch songwriter and producer. And besides Igor…Patrick is the most under rated keyboard player Yes ever had.
Thanks again for your comment and be sure to give your input on next week’s segment.

Mark Anthony K

“Classic”: Jon Anderson, Billy Sherwood, Steve Howe, Igor Khoroshev and Neil Peart–I mean Bill Bruford.
Now a future/classic line up: Jon Davison, Billy Sherwood, Ronnie Stolt, Tom Brislin, and Jay Schellen–that should keep YES going for another 20-30 years! Ha!

Hello Brian,
Interesting choices and I love the sense of humor (Neil Peart)…sometimes prog people get labeled as too serious and without humor…nice to see some humor.
And you choice for future Yes…I love it! Stolt is an inspired choice…as is Brislin….I thought he did great on the symphony tour.
Thanks again for your support.

Mark Anthony K

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