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Projekt GEMINEYE and Yes song redemption – 275

An Ordinary Day by Projekt GEMINEYE
An Ordinary Day by Projekt GEMINEYE

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

This week we feature Mark’s new album, An Ordinary Day, and find out all about its creation. We also think about some Yes songs which we have grown to love despite starting off by hating them and Mark reviews his latest Patrick Moraz album, Change of Space.

  • What process did Mark go through to write the songs on the album?
  • What are the influences in the music?
  • Where did that amazing art work come from?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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25 replies on “Projekt GEMINEYE and Yes song redemption – 275”

Hi just my honest opinion guys, and we like comments good or bad or this forum doesnt work eh?

Do i keep quiet or say what i think, ummm will I be hated or not…Im 40 plus years a Yes fan so… im northern so i guess we say it eh…We have 50 years of Yes to cover and this platform, is not, however well meant… made for outside projects with nothing to do with Yes’s history.

The solo album feature from a big contributer feels uncomfortable and out of place, miss use of the platform. Its nothing personal, but dont undo the hard work and reason Yes fans tune in chaps. Mark wishing you all the best with it but with the RARHOF, ARW tour, Yes tour of the UK in 2018 possible, much Yes history to delve into, is there not enough to talk about?

So now, how do you select a feature of someone’s solo project outside of Yes to feature? You see the issue, how can you say no now, to someone else’s musical project?

Again this platform is OPEN to our WONDEROUS STORIES, AWAKEN to the possibilities it gives, SOON OH SOON …Yes will be back on these shores to entertain us….as Jon would say….’Love and Light’…..D. (Other opinions are welcome ). Keep Yessing.

Dave, I’m totally with you. Also a Yes fan for 40+ years and a northerner to boot. For some months now I’ve not been comfortable with the idea that Mark has become a co-presenter. A contributor is one thing but I feel that the balance is swinging away from Kevin’s concise and urbane style to that which is garrulous and semi-literate albeit inoffensive.
I have no interest in Mark’s music though I do appreciate his comments as a musician as made in last week’s episode.
The podcast was thrown a huge bone with recent developments but unfortunately all that has happened is a political debate.
I’d like a return to the days of Kevin’s musings and perhaps more interviews with other Yes fans rather than the ever increasing monopoly of one in particular.

Thanks for your thoughts, Jeremy. As you know, I highly value Mark’s contributions to the show which have made it possible for me to develop it in a variety of ways. I’m sorry you feel it has gone in the wrong direction. I don’t think your description of Mark’s style is fair and I know that other listeners value his contributions highly but you are free to express your views, of course – please continue to do so.

Interviews with other Yes fans is something I always intend to integrate as often as I can but life does tend to get in the way. However, I will endeavour to try to include more of these in the future if I possibly can.

I’m also intrigued by your point about the political debate and I’m not sure exactly what you mean – I assume that’s in reference to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the ARW/Yes camp issues. Do tell me more.

Thanks as always,

Well said, Kevin (as always!) I find myself agreeing with you for the most part, but there’s an evil little voice in my head that takes Jeremy’s side as well. I’ll just think of this as a little family squabble – kind of like the inevitable results of everyone getting together for Thanksgiving… or whatever you can come up with as a British equivalent!

My comments re Mark’s style are somewhat harsh but his inventing new words and forms of grammar are somewhat like fingernails down a blackboard. Also his failure to keep it short. I know that substance is more important than style but surely it’s not difficult to self edit.
I do appreciate Mark’s expertise when it comes to performing and production. I just don’t want your role to be subsumed. The podcast was perfect as it was before. I’ve commented previously that I understand the need for his contributions for you to keep it going, I just prefer it to be in balance.
Yes I can imagine that getting others to contribute is easier said than done. Perhaps you can put out a request like last year.
The political thing is all about which of the YES / ARW bands is the best or has the right to the legacy. It is a redundant argument unless one or other produce some new Yes music. Of the two I think that ARW is the more likely.

Jeez, Jeremy – from one crusty old git to another, that was a bit on the harsh side. Mark’s CD is pretty darned good, although I realize you don’t quite swing to the metal side of things so much. It was a fairly uneventful week as far as Yes news, so I don’t see much wrong with highlighting other things going on in our little family group here. I’m sure there will always be plenty of developments in the future to keep us all interested.

Hi Dave and many thanks for the comment. Actually, if you look back through the episodes of the podcast, you will find a few other examples of me featuring music by listeners which has nothing to do with Yes. Off the top of my head, there were interviews with The Danglers, Lobate Scarp and Ben Craven earlier on. There may be others I’m forgetting about but if I’ve spotted all of them that makes 4 or five episodes out of 284 (if you count all the episodes including ones without official numbers) which include features on (rather than consisting entirely of) music other than Yes and Yes-related. All these musicians/listeners acknowledge a debt to Yes which I have taken as a legitimate claim to appear on the podcast. You are, of course, free to disagree – and perhaps you are right. Maybe it would be better to keep this kind of feature to a ‘bonus’ episode in future but I do think that one of the main strengths of the podcast over the years has been the community it has created around it. When members of that community have significant musical enterprises to share, I think it’s a legitimate use of the ‘air time’. I know that a good number of listeners have discovered and enjoyed the music of, for example, Ben Craven through the show and that’s great.

Rest assured that Yes, ARW and all other branches of the greatest progressive rock band in the world will remain the focus of the podcast.

Thanks again,

Enjoyed the chat about those strange songs that take time to love. Difficult one to name mine at the moment.

I liked the band intros moved about the podcast also. Keep up the good work chaps. D

Thanks again, Dave. I look forward to hearing about your choice of song in that particular category. I’m also glad you like the moving Yes men – ‘moving’ in various ways I suppose… ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes more interviews with other fans would be good……..

My Yes news this week….

I have a new purchase which is the earliest Yes poster now in my collection…1970.

I very important project I am working on will soon get a huge boost….or not ….tbc…….

I believe that my book Yesterdays – Jon Anderson and The Warriors -The Road to Yes will be a late 2017 release.

I heard that Mabel Greer’s Toyshop will be playing a UK gig later this year….the first in oh my gosh a long time! I shall keep you informed.

The Seyes gig in Preston Lancashire was great…check them out if you can.

My involvement in the Yes exhibition for the RARHOF didn’t come to fruition due to how they manage offerings from fans. I could have supplied some rare and very nice items but I wasn’t willing to give them away. Perhaps we in UK could do something for Yes’s 50th year?

I am sure more Yessy happenings will come as they seem to.

Keep Yessing everyone.

Dave W

That poster is the same age as me! Great tease on the project…I hope that’s 50th Anniversary you’re hinting at…

I’m very much looking forward to the new book and it’s been fun to follow Mabel Greer’s Toyshop a bit on Facebook lately. Now there’s another time I was taken to task over interviewing a band which some accused of not having sufficient Yes links. I did two interviews back to back over two weeks with Bob and Clive. Ah well…

From the recordings I’ve heard, Seyes are great and I will indeed try to see them.

I absolutely agree that we should try and do something rather more sensible for the 50th Anniversary. Not sure how YMP could be represented being a digital format but more than happy to be involved somehow!

Thanks again,

I think Mabel Greer’s Toyshop are legit as it was an important stepping stone and indeed is part of Yes’s history.

Any 50th event needs to get the word out so that’s were YMP can help…..let’s see what happens eh.

First, I think ‘hate’ is bit too much. There are certainly Yes songs that I initially didn’t like… and, for the most part, I still don’t like them:

‘Don’t Kill The Whale,’ EVERY SECOND of ‘Open Your Eyes,’ and double that for ‘Man In the Moon,’ great swaths of ‘Magnification,’ almost all of ‘Talk’…

Nothing is ever going to change my opinion of these, as they are simply NOT REALLY VERY GOOD.

So, I’ll go ahead and say this: Mark’s ‘An Ordinary Day’ is better than all of what I just listed, and it’s miles away better than Anderson/Stolt’s ‘Invention of Knowledge,’ an album that needs serious medication for Auditory Attention Deficit Syndrome.

And I never would would have known about Mark’s music had I never subscribed to the YMP.

So there.

Nyaah nyah nyah.


Joseph. ..liking the nyah nyaah nyaah haha….still it’s better to discuss all this stuff eh. If we all liked the same thing it would be dull….and life isn’t eh.

Whatever for Yes and Co in 2017-18?..50 years and counting soon oh soon.

Greetings Joseph,
Great to hear from you my friend. Thank you for those very kind words…you have always been a great supporter of my work and more importantly the YMP!! Your comments are well thought out and have an element of humor which I enjoy. Looking forward to more of your comments.

Music I initially hated but now kind of dig:

Owner of a Lonely Heart. I will never forget the first time I heard it off of KWHL radio. They announced a new song by Yes in their Hit or Miss segment. I was very excited – I thought my favorite band was dead and gone after their Drama breakup. The song opened with some distorted guitar chords and I knew immediately that Steve Howe was no longer in the band. Then the pop rhythm. No this can’t be Yes. Then the unmistakable voice. Yeah this is Yes … uh …. what the hell happened? Needless to say I voted it a Miss.

Close to the Edge: My introduction to the band and it was so different from anything I had ever heard before – I can’t say I really hated it, but it was a bit jarring to my untrained ears. My ears matured over time.

Really though, I think a much more interesting and controversial (therefore FUN) topic might be songs we initially liked, only later to discover they really were not good songs after all. Are you willing to take it on? heh heh heh

I wondered of you were going to do a segment on Mark’s “An Ordinary Day.” I listened to it on Bandcamp last week. I had seen a few videos on YouTube with Mark, but wasn’t really sure what to expect with an all MAK all the time CD. It’s very good! If find that Mark Anthony K has grown on me as he’s become more a part of the YMP. However, I want more cowbell, er, I mean, I want more Kevin Mulryne! As others have said, balance! Kevin’s interview of Mark was really well done.

I can’t think of a Yes song I hated and then came to love. The 2 closest are the song Fly from Here and Endless Dream. They have improved from poor to average! I find it astonishing that anyone could dislike CTTE since that was the song that not only made me a YES fan, but showed me what MUSIC could be (no offense to JS Bach, et al).

Greetings Brian,
Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it and believe me you will find no bigger supporter of Kevin Mulryne then me. He has definitely been a huge influence on me. His skills as a Podcaster is incredible. ..he is very well spoken and his analytical skills are fantastic. I have no problem with people wanting to hear more of Kevin…but with that said I know that me and him have a great chemistry on the show and find that a lot of times we bring out the best in each other. I think Kevin feels the same way.
Thanks again for your means a lot.

A couple of post post PSs.

1) You do realise that “no opportunity necessary no experience needed” is a song by the late great Richie Havens, right? Still, another great YES cover!

2) As for Country & Western music, the stuff on the radio now is abysmal with a couple of bright spots–you know, like all radio! Stick with the real thing: Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, etc.–and maybe Abilene by YES?

In my earlier post in support of Dave W, I omitted to comment on the episode.

Ironically considering my comments, it was hugely entertaining mainly due to Mark’s idea of Yes songs which went from zero to hero. There are plenty for me which never redeemed themselves. Like JC, Don’t Kill the Whale is probably the worst thing they ever did. Apart fromDrama, 90125 & Talk, most of what they did since then is s**t dressed as chocolate.

To address the question though I found Relayer to be a difficult listen for the first couple of spins then I got it. Short lived I know but as it was the first new music they released for me it was a break from their previous music with the new jazzier style and the pointing to the softer side which was to come. However It remains very much one of their greatest works. Certainly they never again reached that zenith.
The other was as Mark, Time and a Word with thew string arrangements. I first bought it after having got the albums following it but before Relayer. It was indeed a bit strange and as a result was the least played for some years. However, the musicianship and energy is so powerful, for me it is one of their best albums.
As far as Mark’s music is concerned, I’m not really interested as I said but out of loyalty I feel duty bound to buy his album. I did enjoy his explanation of the process he went through to put it together. In spite of my analysis of his grasp of English, I think he’s a great bloke.

Yes indeed a great bloke…oh and Abeline by Yes…oh dear…is there a track by Yes I can’t listen to?

To change it around…what Yes track instantly picks you up and puts a smile on your face?

From my college days, I remember as soon as Spring weather came around it was common to hear Yessongs blasting out of the dorms, especially Yours Is No Disgrace and Perpetual Change.

Greetings Jeremy,

How are you my friend? Yes … I called you friend…because no matter what sort of comments you make about me personally I still have this feeling that they some how come from a good place. I’m pleased that you found my zero to hero comments entertaining…at the end of the day..that’s what I hope I do …give some sort of insight and entertainment.
As for feeling a sense of loyalty and wanting to buy my CD…that comment alone shows how great a person you can be. I really appreciate it.
Take care my friend.

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