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Yes Music Podcast 0 – Introduction

A short introduction to the Yes Music Podcast with your host, Kevin Mulryne.

Kevin Mulryne

  • Find out what the Yes Music Podcast is going to be about
  • Start connecting with the show
  • Subscribe and get involved

Yes Music PodcastHomework for next time:

Listen to Yes’ 1969 debut album, ‘Yes’. You can find it in the following locations if you don’t own it (yet!):

‘Yes’ on Spotify:

‘Yes’ on iTunes:

‘Yes’ on Amazon (UK)

‘Yes’ on

‘Yes’ on YouTube:

I do not condone uploading music to YouTube but as all the tracks from the album are there (at the moment) here are links to them. I hope this will inspire you to buy the album.

  1. Beyond and Before
  2. I See You
  3. Yesterday and Today
  4. Looking Around
  5. Harold Land
  6. Every Little Thing
  7. Sweetness
  8. Survival

8 replies on “Yes Music Podcast 0 – Introduction”

Thanks for being the first to comment on the blog, Sergio! Look out for episode 1 of the Yes Music Podcast – coming this week!

Sorry it didn’t work! Thanks for the kind comments. I’ll try and find out why it didn’t work for you and get back to you! 🙂

Really nice idea for a podcast, even if it’s based on a flawed premise, since Van der Graaf Generator are obviously…

No, I won’t go there. I always had a soft spot for Yes, and recently rediscovering the joys of vinyl has relit the mixed metaphor.

Looking forward to listening to the first podcast, but I’ll do my homework first. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to “Yes”.

LOL – I really need to listen to some of the Van der Graff Generator stuff – I am hopelessly out of my depth there! Thanks for the comment – it’s great to have you listening!

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