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Episode 1 – ‘Yes’ and Chris Squire

The first episode of the weekly Yes Music Podcast, featuring the first studio album, ‘Yes’, and bassist Chris Squire.

'Yes' on vinyl and CD
Vinyl purchased circa. 1989, CD purchased circa. 2005 (click to enlarge)


  • Personnel – how does this affect the sound of the album?
  • What features of later Yes albums are present here?
  • How does ‘Yes’ stand up as an album and particularly as a Yes album?


Listen and see if you agree with me then let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me via the different routes on the right hand side!

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I am reliably informed by the generous and knowledgeable Gary Betts that Chris Squire plays harmonica in the live version of ‘And You and I’. Thanks for that, Gary! If you have no idea what I’m on about, please listen to the podcast!

Here’s the proof – at 6mins 30secs-ish


Yes Music PodcastHomework for next time:

Listen to Yes’ 1970 follow-up album, ‘Time and a Word’. You can find it in the following locations if you don’t own it (yet!):

‘Time and a Word’ on Spotify:

‘Time and a Word’ on iTunes:

‘Time and a Word’ on Amazon (UK)

‘Time and a Word’ on

‘Time and a Word’ on YouTube:

Once again, please don’t break Yes’ copyright. Do buy their music. However, if you still need to be convinced, here are links to the tracks on Time and a Word:

  1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Required
  2. Then
  3. Everydays
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. The Prophet
  6. Clear Days
  7. Astral Traveller
  8. Time and a Word

5 replies on “Episode 1 – ‘Yes’ and Chris Squire”

A fine first edition I just recently saw YES in concert and also recently watched 9012LIVE, although I don’t remember Squire edging Rabin close to the edge, it could have happened while I was getting a beer or bong hit… Will have to watch again since it streams on Netflix.
I Look forward to more episodes and here is a link to pictures from one of their California appearances… (includes photos of Styx, Kansas and The Greg Kihn Band also)
Here is a video excerpt of Heart Of The Sunrise…

Just want to add that Astral Traveller may be the best precursor to what YES was going to be… Tony Kaye and Peter Banks set the template! My fave song on this album has always been ‘Then’…

Thanks so much for both comments, Thomas! I have enjoyed all the links – great stuff. I’ll mention your point about Astral Traveller on the next episode – and I agree! Then is a great song as well. Keep listening and commenting! 🙂

Enjoyed the first edition of your podcast. Couldn’t find the album so had to buy it from iTunes. You may want to mention that it is now an expanded & remastered album with 6 more tracks (£7.99) Have enjoyed listening to this album which is musically very accomplished for a first album. Looking forward to the next one – will cue up Time & A Word – especially my favourite – No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed -which even Danny Baker played a few months ago on BBC London between 3 and 5pm !!!

Great! Thanks for that. I will indeed mention those facts. Good to hear there is some classic prog rock on the radio!

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