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Episode 29 – Ben Craven’s view of Yes in Concert, Sydney 2012

Prog rock hero, Yes fan and Yes Music Podcast listener, Ben Craven

The twenty-ninth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring an interview with Australian prog rock maestro, Ben Craven, after the Sydney Yes concert.

Check out Ben’s excellent album, ‘Great and Terrible Potions’:

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources:

thanvannispen and

Show notes

Set list for Sydney 2012:

You Tube videos of the Sydney show:

Photo credit: Kris Anderson via

9 replies on “Episode 29 – Ben Craven’s view of Yes in Concert, Sydney 2012”

Great Show Kevin that was the first time I have heard from Ben Craven must say he is a very colorful individual and I could not believe his take on the Yes show ….Amazing like I was there I mean like he said when asked about Steve,Allen,Chris he was right on,because I had seen Geoff when Drama came out and I know what he meant about his style of play very faithful to the original music but still menages to do his own style.Awesome that he got Chris to sign that pick guard.
I know that there are hard core Yes fans I mean I think anyone who ever has had the chance to become a True Yes fan and by that I mean its the music first and foremost and I think that’s what makes Yes fans the best fans in the world very devoted to the very end note!
Kevin what can I say you made yet another great show keep them coming, anyone who is a true Yes fan must have this podcast in there daily diet of Yes !!!!
Paul Tomei

Thanks once again for the very kind comments, Paul. Ben is definitely a one-off. I’m really looking forward to his live stuff.

It’s fantastic to know that Yes have taken another step forward with Jon Davison – there’s loads of life left in them yet!

Great show, Sir Kevin!

Great to hear Mr. Craven and his wonderful words!

I really hope a new studio album is on the horizon.

2012-13 is going to be great for the true Yes Fan….
Squackett, Jacaranda and hopefully Anderson Wakeman Rabin.
Keep our fingers crossed.

When we reach, we believe in eternity,
Scott 🙂

It’s going to be a blast – do keep up with Ben – he’s great. Thanks for the comment!

Hey Kevin – man that’s a great-sounding intro to the show you’ve got there 🙂

Mate thanks again for the chat! (I listened to the beginning and the end of the show .. no need to hear all that guff in the middle again!)

cheers, Ben.

😉 Many thanks again to you! When it’s a great episode, you can tell by the downloads – which are fantastic. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing more of your 3-piece work – it’s sounding really good!

Hi Kevin

First time I have come across your website – well done! Great interview with Ben Craven – his album is excellent. I will let the rest of our YesFANZ members (the Australia & New Zealand Yes fan group) know about it. (
Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for the comment and the chance to ‘reach’ some more Yes fans – or fanz! I’m so glad you are enjoying listening.

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