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Episode 182 – Yes Live in Europe 2016 – Drama!

Drama to be played live in 2016 in its entirety!

In the midst of concern about Chris Squire’s health, Yes have announced that Drama and Fragile will be played in their entirety in 2016 in Europe.

  • What can we expect from Drama live in 2016?
  • Have all the tracks been played live before?
  • What about Trevor Horn’s contributions?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!

Show links and notes

Light a candle for Chris Squire

Keep an eye on for the #playforChris video!

Video about Miguel’s project in support of Chris Squire #playforChris:


Prog Magazine on Yes European Tour 2016

Preston Frazier No Opportunity Necessary review

Jeff Hodges’ article on the future of Yes

Ranking of Yes albums by quality noticed by @notrightaway on Twitter

Mark Anthony K’s Ramshackled vinyl discovery


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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

17 replies on “Episode 182 – Yes Live in Europe 2016 – Drama!”

Kevin, you really need to know more of the Fish Out Of Water LP, you will love not only Chris playing, singing and songwriting – but also the orchestral arrangements by Andrew Pryce Jackman.

If Yes is going to continue the fad of playing entire albums on stage, Drama is about the only album they have left. I cannot imagine the band playing any other album from their catalog on stage.

Then again, I was saying the same thing before they began playing Fragile in its entirety.

Yes indeed. Relayer or Tales? Magnification or Open Your Eyes? [Insert your own expletives here] 😉

Hello Kevin …
Well it will be worth the wait for you to see the Drama show with out a doubt…
This was the show I seen in September 19 of 1980…
ranks up there with all other Yes shows I have seen
However I remember I was sitting way back upper center however it was an amazing show.

Fish out of water is a Great album hands down it really shows that Chris is a master of song writing and show’s off his unbelievable bass playing skills

That’s how I feel about Drama I feel Chris really made that album Yes along with his band mates…
Great show as always keep up the great work always listing always learning more and more about the Greatest band in the world!

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
(Benjamin Britten song)
Does It Really Happen?
Yours Is No Disgrace
Into the Lens
And You and I
Go Through This
Man in the White Car Suite
(Geoff Downes solo)
We Can Fly From Here
(The Buggles cover)
Tempus Fugit
Amazing Grace / Whitefish
Machine Messiah
Starship Trooper



Well I think Drama live in 2016 might be better than in 1980 but we will see. I must make an effort on Fish out of Water as you say!! Thanks once again for the comment!


I very much appreciate your link to my article about Yes’ future above. Brian Sullivan, however, retweeted the article (which I also appreciate), but is not the author. If your link above could reflect my authorship, I would be (as you might predict) appreciative.

I’m very sorry about that, Jeff! I will change the link and mention my mistake in next week’s episode.


I would agree with your assessment of the “Ranking Yes Albums” article. It is certainly unnecessarily harsh–it’s far too negative and dismissive. It sounds like the author actively despises all but a handful of the band’s music. There is plenty of music in the world I despise, but you know what I don’t do? Spend my time and energy talking and writing about it. I ignore it and focus my energy on music I actually enjoy. Life’s too short otherwise!

Thanks for another great episode!


The author did seem to be somewhat negative. However, I’d be interested to see a summary of YES fans’ list of favourites. How about arranging a poll Kevin. Unless you are scared of the pasting Tormato will get!

This was a really good episode as usual. The thing which shocked me is that you Kevin do not know much about Fish out of water. It was the best of all of the Yes solo albums, (though Olias of Sunhillow is magical). I remember well the excitement of watching the two videos on The Old Grey Whistle Test of Chris performing. I think it was the first time I ever saw him on telly.

I bought all of the albums, Howe’s “Beginnings” was dull, White’s “Ramshackled” sounded like a pub band. Moraz “I” just latin with jazz keyboards.

The Drama/Fragile tour sounds like a winner apart from Cans and Brahms (I love Brahms’ 4th but Ricks arrangement of the third movement is awful). As I have said in the past, Drama is probably their most under-rated album. I think it is probably the least difficult to re-stage given that there was no Jon or Rick to replace. In spite of my skeptical view of their view of their fans as a cash cow, I’m tempted to go to this show. However if Chris is not playing, I’d not cross the road to watch the rest of them grimacing their way through a perfunctory play through of this material.

Thanks Jeremy. As you will no doubt hear this week, I have taken steps to remedy the situation 😉 As you know I am going next year and I can’t wait. Actually, I’m really excited about the real possibility of Yes continuing way into the future. I’m moving towards a place where I think YEs could indeed be much bigger than the original members. Shoot me down, if you so desire…

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