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Yes Tracks Through Time – Part 14 – Survival – 307

Survival - Beat Club 1969
Survival – Beat Club 1969

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Michel Arsenault, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier.

I didn’t get to see Rick Wakeman this week, due to a family emergency but we still managed to think about Survival and how it’s been performed over the years. We watch the videos embedded below and then we consider who might also join Yes on stage for #YES50 next year in our 2 pence segment.

  • How was Survival performed back in 1969?
  • How frequently has it appeared in set-lists since then?
  • Is it a good song?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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5 replies on “Yes Tracks Through Time – Part 14 – Survival – 307”

I love Survival. Actually love everything about the first two bands. Especially the bass intro. When I was kid it was one of the earliest riffs I learned to play, putting a wah pedal into “neutral” to get close to that sound on a cheap SG copy. Love everything about this track. Has all the quirky elements that made them sound a little different from the likes of other organ driven bands like the Nice and Atomic Rooster. They should do it live and get Dylan’s other boss, Wilko Johnson in to play rhythm guitar 🙂

As for the return of the prodigal Yes Man question. Has to be Patrick Moraz on grand piano and Moog. Alongside Kaye on organ. Downes on everything else. What could possibly go wrong?

Great show again, thanks. Always liked Survival. I remember listening to this in my bedroom in the early 70s and at Yestival near Chicago earlier this year. I really felt the two drum version of this and DKTW were great.

Listening to Nexus now. Pure instrumental. Lots of variety. Steve lists the guitars by track for those like me with a weak ear. Enjoying it a lot.

I’m with Ian. Moraz playing Sound Chaser please.

Let me just say how I’m bothered Kevin that you’ve had a family emergency. Knowing you to be discreet, I don’t want you to explain further, my hope is that whatever it was has been or will be resolved and that your family is ok.

Survival is what it is all about!

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