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What we wish Yes and ARW would play live in 2017 – 279

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Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

If it was up to us, here are some songs we would like Yes and ARW to play in their Summer tours, 2017. There’s also a two pence about what live albums we would like to see next and Mark reviews the Bill Bruford album – Earthworks.

  • Could there be a Yestival II featuring albums beyond Drama?
  • What could ARW add to their setlist?
  • Could the current Yes line up cope with really old songs?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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8 replies on “What we wish Yes and ARW would play live in 2017 – 279”

Kevin may not think Shoot High Aim Low would be a highlight of a present-day concert, but it was the highlight of the show I saw from the Big Generator tour (1988 I think). It is a great song.

There is only one thing that would drag me to a concert by any present iteration of Yes. I want nothing less than the performance of a large number of songs off an excellent new album. Fat chance of that happening. Sorry, but I have never had any interest in the nostalgia circuit.

Yes I bought Earthworks soon after its release 30 years ago – but I have not heard it in ages. The electric drums were experimental for the time, and Bruford using the percussion as a melodic instrument was the highlight for me. Great stuff, but of all of Bruford’s musical output, his early iteration of Earthworks probably gets the least amount of play from me.

Thanks Joe. Wouldn’t it be great to hear brilliant new music. Here’s hoping! I would love to hear Shoot High Aim Low live today and I have really enjoyed the recent concerts I have been to but I understand your view. Unfortunately I was too young to see the best eras of the band. Oh well.

Hello Kevin and Mark,
I find that both bands seem to have limit them self’s as far as back catalog I would like to see ARW play some new music I’m sure by now they have at least one new track a kind of bait if you will to even get more people interested in the band I think its great they can play the songs they play but for me there are some songs we will never hear again ever and that’s sad to me. anything from the first two albums would be great anything but Time and a word Survival would be a great tune to here could ARW play this song??? I don’t think so. Could Yes play this I think they could.
Silent wings of freedom would love to hear that played all the shows I’ve seen they never played it That song might not be a epic but to me it holds a lot of great great sounds (Mr. Squire)
It’s to bad Igor had to leave I agree he was and is a great keyboard player no doubt.
Love Bill Brufords works funny I do not own any of them and I’m ashamed for that but everyone of my old friends always had something from him.

Great show gentleman


Thanks Paul. I really hope we will get to hear some more exciting songs from both bands and you never know…

Going along with Mark’s theory of “What the hell, anything goes!”, while “Homeworld” is good enough to set the stage for the ‘Ladder’ album, I always particularly like “Finally” from that particular release, and it seems a bit more concert-friendly.

At first I thought that if the band was limiting itself from Yes to Drama, it didn’t make sense for Mark to pick Homeworld, as much as I agree with his choice. But then they did say there would be some surprises, so couldn’t Homeworld be one of them? BTW, I have the videogame that Homeworld is the theme to. Tried to play it once or twice. You can see some on the game in the video for Homeworld.

For the Progeny Revisited project, and three options proposed, let’s say you had three votes. You could put your votes on any of the three.

For the most part, for me it’s the more YES, the better. So I’m generally prone to give one vote to each of the three because knowing that others would probably be against one or two of the options and stack up their votes on one option, since I’d be happy with any of the three, I’d want to support all of them.

However, if we only had one vote, I’d also vote for Union. I never understood people’s disdain for this album. I remember when it came out and I guess I’m thankful I wasn’t exposed to “elites” who have to share negative opinions. I just enjoyed the music. Immensely. So I’d love to hear (or see! Hint hint) multiple versions of that live info.

And another thing. I liked Bruford’s electric drums. Let the tormatoes fly my way.

Thanks Wayne. Looking back now I’m surprised that I actually got Union as soon as it was released. I’m afraid it really didn’t get played a lot in my house. I’m always happy to try again though. I also like Bruford’s drums on ABWH very much, it’s really just live I don’t like them but then again I wasn’t lucky enough to hear them in person so mine is a second hand opinion and therefore very unreliable… 🙂

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