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The Steve Howe Album – Part 1 – 280

The Steve Howe Album
The Steve Howe Album

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

After looking at Yes keyboardists for a while, we are turning our attention to guitarists and this week we listen to side 1 of The Steve Howe Album. There’s also a two pence about the 50th Anniversary and Mark reviews Flash’s second record, ‘In the Can’.

  • Does this album sound like Yes?
  • Who are the guest musicians?
  • How many guitars does Steve use?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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The Steve Howe Album photos:

David Watkinson’s Jon Anderson drawing

Jon Anderson drawing

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10 replies on “The Steve Howe Album – Part 1 – 280”

I would love to hear a r w do “real love” … I think the heaviness will be well serve by Molino and it’s a great stage piece. Hopefully rick won’t feel he has to put 16 th note moog solos in it

Vocals on Pink Floyd’s The Great Gig in the Sky were Claire Torry, not Claire Hammill. You’re obviously better at recognising drummers than singers 🙂

Oops…your right…wrong Claire…sorry about that…not sure why i got those mixed up…my bad people. –

Kevin you are very entertaining to say the least even with my right knee killing me you still make me chuckle you and Mark has to have the best Podcast in the world. Mr. Howe can really make any string guitar talk and make it his own.I’m ashamed to say that I have lost all my Steve Howe solo works over the past 14 years or so . I guess I have to make this a point to start getting back into gathering all the lost solo albums that I used to have.
forgive me If I seem a bit out of sorts this week I just had my right knee replaced and this one did not go as well as the left.
But I can’t go a week without hearing you fine gents and this really was a good one for me, Kevin you seem very colorful to me this week more so than usual.Mark seemed very polite this week like always outstanding job Mark even when you don’t care for a particular track you still find the best thing to say that’s why you guys are doing the very best podcast I have ever heard in my life.
I want to thank you both for making my weekend a little brighter.

Greetings Paul,
Always great to hear from you my friend. I’m very sorry to hear about your knee..I’m sending my best wishes your way for a speedy recovery. I’m very glad to hear that Kevin and myself are making you feel better on your path to healing.
I found it very interesting that I was polite this week. Haha..I hope I’m too rude during the other episodes…anyways I hope you get well soon my friend. Take care.

Hi Kevin, I listened to the latest YMP in the car this morning and thought the description of the album cover sounded strange… checked it out and the CD reissue is a different version of the artwork concept, darker looking and without the thing in the water! You can see them both at the wikipedia page I wonder whether someone thought it looked like a floating body face down? I would prefer to think the swimmer had finished and gone back to their strange shaped dwelling and this picture was taken …later that same day. Glad you are on to the Steve Howe album… I like the ‘sketchbook’ albums in the Homebrew series (there have been 6 so far) lots of snippets of what then became Yes, ABWH, Asia songs.

I was surprised to hear “Diary of a Man Who Vanished” mentioned. I’m 99% positive that when I had the album (which I must have bought around 1980/1982) the track was listed as “Diary of a Man Who Disappeared”. I’m confident that it was listed as ” … Disappeared” in the transcriptions, “Steve Howe Guitar Pieces”. I note that in the current version of this book (which has score and TABs, unlike the version I had which was core only) it is listed as “…Vanished”.
There are one or two mentions of it as “… Disappeared” on the internet but most regular sources (eg Prog Archives) have “… Vanished”.

Interestingly (which shows the version of the cover without the swimmer) doesn’t list the track at all!

I no longer have the album. I will have to try to find the book of transcriptions sometime.
Anyone else remember this as “Disappeared” or able to throw any light on this?

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