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Episode 175 – Yes Magazine from 1991

Yes Magazine
Scanned in and sent to me by the generous Carl Coppage

A look at an issue of the Yes Magazine from 1991, kindly scanned and sent to me by Carl Coppage.

  • What can we learn about the state of the band in 1991 from this magazine?
  • With hindsight, what seems odd?
  • What did the Gottlieb Brothers think would happen to Yes after this point?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!

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Episode 112 – An interview with Steve Sullivan from Forgotten Yesterdays and the Voices for Yes campaign

Forgotten Yesterdays
The amazing fan website, Forgotten Yesterdays

The one hundred and twelfth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring a fantastic interview with one of the most influential Yes Fans in the world, Steve Sullivan. He is one of the founders of the amazing fan site, and has been heavily involved in the Voices for Yes campaign to have Yes inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.


Erratum from Steve – Keith Levene wasn’t a member of the Sex Pistols, he was a co-founder with ‘Johnny Rotten’ (John Lydon) of Public Image Ltd., Lydon’s post-Pistols band.  Levene was also an early member of  the Clash, though he was already out the band by the time they made their first album.

  • What is Steve’s own Yes story?
  • How did Forgotten Yesterdays come about and what’s on the site?
  • How can you get involved with the Voices for Yes campaign?

Enjoy my conversation with Steve and then get involved by contacting me via any of the methods below.