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Thanks Jeremy- it’s been a little more if a hassle than I was anticipating but that’s always the way!

I have always found Three Ships as a Christmas album Jon Anderson style
All Good People I feel it is a great tune however in my area I call this tune Over Kill!
and the reason I say this is this is one of those Yes songs that at the time when growing up in the Detroit area you would only here this tune being played on the radio. Remember there was no internet or satellite radio so as a true Yes fan I always wanted to here Anything but All Good People.
My favorite version was and is the Yessongs version hands down.

great Show as always…


Yes, Yessongs versions! Yessongs was my intro to pre-Fragile Yes when it came out so my favorite versions of those songs are on Yessongs.

Hello Paul,

Sorry for the delay in my response. I didn’t realize you had left an episode comment here.
Yes I agree the more Illisten to 3 ships…the more it comes across as a full out CChristmas album.

It’s interesting. in Toronto…Roundabout was the song that got overplayed…it’s funny what clicks in ddifferent parts of the world.

Thanks again for your support and comments,

Mark Anthony K

I wish Kevin had also reviewed Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir album as his experience with choral music would have yielded some interesting insights. I haven’t listened to my copy of Something’s Coming in a long while–time to find it and listen. I do recall being amazed by Peter Banks’ live playing. It’s so interesting to think what Yes might have sounded like if he had stayed. He’s sort of a Moraz of the guitar in his sound, I think.

Great call Brian. Swiss Choir is gorgeous, and over the years has become the first Christmas album I grab when the season hits. In fact, a little earlier than that as it contains a wonderful rendition of the song Come O’ Come Emmanuel, which is an advent piece. The orchestra, choir, and Fish’s bass are all phenomenal on this album. A 10 out of 10 for me.

Hi Kevin and Mark
Having finally cleared the backlog of YMPs after I failed to keep up with the bumper fifth anniversary week, I’m now tracking them in real time, and so this week’s coverage of the ARW show at Birmingham really delighted me with its currency and immediacy.
I think this is where the medium really comes into its own. You brought your fresh memories of the show and passed them on without filtering them through any agenda or cramming them into someone else’s narrative. I was thinking of you on Monday night and hoping you were having a good time. I’m glad you were!
These are vividly interesting times to be a Yes fan, and you’re providing a brilliant anchor to each week’s events.
I’m going to see ARW here in Edinburgh on Wednesday and I’ll share some observations afterwards.
Thanks for becoming an essential part of my weekly listening.

Hi Dave and thanks so much for the comments. I await your reactions to ARW with interest. I really hope they have sorted the sound out. Let us know!!

It was Clare Torry not Claire Hamill who sang the vocals in Pink Floyds ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’

Hi Kevin and Mark,
Just thought I’d share a little something about that great new Rick album which I have been playing more than anything else since I got the download. I now have the vinyl and am awaiting my cd/dvd too.
The one thing about the record is the sequence of tracks,now I don’t know if anyone else has done this but attatched is my track listing which if I playback on iTunes with a 5 second cross fade makes it sound like a continuous concept album. Give it a go

Dear Kevin and Mark –

I am a long-time listener to the Yes Music Podcast – many thanks to both of you and all the other contributors for your informative and entertaining work over the years.

My brother Larry and I have a little Yes novelty that’s completely unique to share with you and the podcast audience:

There was apparently an official Atlantic printing of the Close to the Edge album on cassette in the 1980s that contains an extra bar of music in Siberian Khatru. It doesn’t seem to be merely a mechanical or technical error in the dub – it’s a repeat of one 4/4 measure that’s been edited seamlessly into the recording, with an extra crash cymbal hit, exactly six and a half minutes into the song.

A few years ago Larry alerted me that his cassette of CTTE contained this anomaly. We both considered it quite remarkable (and baffling) but we’ve never shared it with others. This year it occurred to me again that the two of you, and the Yes Music Podcast audience, may not have come across this before.

Larry ordered this cassette by mail from Columbia Music Club, sometime in the 80s, and it’s still in his posession. So now we have an mp3 transfer recording from the cassette as well as a scan of the cassette cover insert that includes the Atlantic logo, a catalog number (19133), bar code, etc. (The reverse side of the paper insert is blank).

We hope you find this interesting, and perhaps we might hear from others out there who happened to purchase the same printing of CTTE on cassette.

Incidentally, we (and our sister and friends) first saw Yes in concert on the November 14, 1972 date in Athens, Georgia that’s included in the Seven Shows from 72 box set. (So our voices are part of those crowd noises on the CD!) We’d already been performing instrumental passages from Fragile in our fledgling high-school-age band before then, and have been hooked on Yes music ever since.

Thanks again for your dedication and endless hours of work, shining a bright light on the deep and varied fountain of remarkable rock music that is Yes.

Greg Clinton, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Larry Clinton, Athens, Georgia
March 27, 2021

This is SO cool!! My brothers and I didn’t miss a YES concert tour for over 30 years here in Ga. still my favorite band!

Greetings again –

Thought I should show a visual of the cassette itself, to go along with the mp3 and cassette cover (above).

Mark Anthony K., you’ve displayed impressive knowledge of record album fabrication over many podcasts, especially for vinyl. Would you have any insights as to where this cassette may have been manufactured? (or any theories on what could have caused this oddity?)

Meantime, I hope you and Kevin have had a chance to listen to the mp3 of this “extended Siberian Khatru” – particularly the spot in question at time 6:30. We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Thanks much,


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