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Martin Popoff Yes Author Interview plus Rick Wakeman CD give-away! 268

Martin Popoff
Martin Popoff

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

We were delighted to be able to interview Yes book author, Martin Popoff, this week. ‘Time and a Word – The Yes Story’ is just one of his more than 50 music titles and we had a great chat about Yes members he has interviewed. Also, you can win a copy of Rick Wakeman’s ‘Two Sides of Yes’ and Mark reviews Patrick Moraz’ ‘Out of the Sun’. There’s even time for another vinyl segment and Mark looks at some Yes promotional albums this time.

  • Why did it take Martin so long to get to Yes?
  • Who was the most memorable Yes member to interview?
  • What’s special about the format of this Yes book?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

Get Time and a Word – The Yes Story

Martin Popoff
Martin Popoff

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Mark’s Out of the Sun photos:

Mark’s Vinyl Analysis photos:

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14 replies on “Martin Popoff Yes Author Interview plus Rick Wakeman CD give-away! 268”

Good show guys. I really enjoyed listening to Martin talk about the Yes book. Now Relayer and Tormato live!! Now that has to get fans chatting, can you imagine UFO into GOD? I can see those shows doing very well.

I enclose a photo to go with Kevin’s comments re my back room! Taken almost 40 years ago in about 1979, yes nothing much changed.

Jon’s Olias part 2…well well…how exciting is that. How does he do it…wow.

Keep up the good work chaps.

Dave Watkinson

Just imagine the 40 year journey I have had as a fan! Out there also, fans who have done longer!! It’s an amazing story Yes. We are lucky you know. Just think what the next two years will bring..haha…it just keeps on giving.

Yes Yes Yes.

Amazing show as always,
as always a pure joy to hear you both dissect these great pieces of Yes work I must confess I have become addictive to this and I have to have it each week. I have recently have had my left knee replaced with the right one next hopefully sooner than later, yes it hurts all the time but I must tell you that this show makes me smile better than any drug they have given me for pain.
and a huge thank you for posing a link fir the time and word book that i just purchased and can’t wait to dig into that. along with dialog which I hope will ship this week ??? thanks again gentleman for the joy you bring to me.



Thanks so much for the support Paul. Very sorry to hear about the knees – that must be horrible but great to know we are keeping you amused for a little while each week!

Hey Paul,
Good to hear from you my friend. I’m sorry to hear about your knees. I feel honored that Kevin and I can make you feel that much better during this tough time. We really appreciate your comments and you as a listener. I hope we continue to make you smile every week.

PS- The Time and a Word book is fantastic. will really enjoy it.

Mark Anthony K

As I was chatting with Patrick Moraz the other day (YEAH – I DID THAT!) somebody offered him a copy of “Out In The Sun” to autograph – he pointed out the silhouette photo of himself on the cover and remarked that he was a bit fatter at the time and the record company had airbrushed a bit of flab off of his midsection. Also, that photo was taken at a place called Hemenway Harbor on Lake Mead, in Nevada, about ten miles from where I grew up – I believe Patrick was living in Las Vegas at the time.

As always, a great show this week!

Haha…I totally agree. They would be a great comedy team.
By the way thanks Joseph for that fascinating bit of album information.

Mark Anthony K

Mostly an enjoyable episode. Great interview of course. I love his enthusiasm and experience.

Thank you Mark for the offer of the review of seven Kiss albums. Had you done so I’d have not been more disappointed than your continuation of the pointless review of the scratchings in the dead vinyl of so called collectable LPs. This is a terrible waste of time. Who actually is interested in this feature? All I’ve read on the blog here is negative.

Thanks for the review of Rick’s album Kevin. I’ve still not received my copy. I look forward to some though not all of it. I loved your honest critique. The lift music analogy seemed right even though I’ve not yet heard it but sadly that’s how a lot of Rick’s music comes across.

Hi Jeremy and thank you for the feedback. Yes, there are people who enjoy the vinyl analysis although they are not represented in the blog comments as you point out. That’s why I have decided to give some options starting with this week’s episode. Those who prefer the longer version of the show can access that but those who would like ‘just the basics’ will be able to choose to subscribe to a new feed, as long as I can work out the technology. Look out for details of that this week.

It’s not the length of the podcast which is the issue. I wish that Mark would self-edit. I’m sure there are some who like to geek out over different editions of records. Some of what he says is interesting like the bit he did on The Yes Album two LP version. It’s all the minutae of who cut the disc and what messages are on the lead out etc, none of which has anything to do with Yes. I like David’s idea about memorabilia,perhaps Mark and you could include that into the segment.

Kevin and Mark. For most people it’s difficult to say something isn’t working in print, and us Brits don’t like to complain. We would rather say nothing rather than upset someone, so no complaints doesn’t mean they like all parts of the program.

I could talk for hours on Yes history, music, LP’s, memorabilia and more. There is enough material regarding Yes to chat about for sure.

Kevin that’s not a bad idea to have a short version and a long version.

Keep up the good work and remember you can’t please all the people all the time.

Yes indeed.


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