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Mark’s Tribute to Neil Peart

Neil Peart
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Mark recently uploaded a video in appreciation of his fellow Canadian, Neil Peart. I thought it was important to hear what he had to say here as well, particularly as I am almost ignorant of Neil and Rush’s importance in the world of Prog rock.

So here’s Mark’s heartfelt introduction to his video. You can see the whole video here – 

R.I.P. Neil Peart

4 replies on “Mark’s Tribute to Neil Peart”

Mark bless ya…lovely words. Music and gigs and all the other stuff around it can sometimes grab you at a certain stage in life giving it more than a passing fling but mean huge amounts to you.

I have that with Yes and Jon Anderson and you have that with Rush.

All you can do at somepoint is rejoice in the fact that you were born when this was around and you got to feel it and hear it.

Take care

Mark it’s your hometown band , he was of your musical heroes and it’s sad when you one of them passes away . In fact to survive 3 years with glioblastoma is remarkable , Gord Downey lasted around a year and my neighbour around the same

My memories of him are from way back in the 70’s , I got into Rush at the beginning and never missed a show at the Glasgow Apollo . His drumming blew me away , even enjoyed his drum solos ( not a big fan of drum solos ) and that moustache

I feel away from Rush in the 80’s and never saw them live again despite moving to Toronto

Have got La villa Stragiato playing on the turntable right now it remains one of my favorite pieces of work by them along with Xanadu which highlights Peart’s Percussion and drumming skills along with his lyrical prowess.

Sad they did not get the chance to reform for Rush fans indeed the same sadness I still experience re Anderson and Squire reuniting .

Just remember all the good times Mark


As a teenager I got into Rush via a friend who had an older brother (as with so many kids introductions to non pop radio music). Saw them at Hammersmith Odeon on the A Farewell to Kings and the Hemispheres tours. They were probably my gateway music to Yes (2112 really appealed to the young me, being both “meaningful” and simple to understand). Can’t say I’m familar with anything past Permanent Waves, but thanks Mark for a few pointers to some later stuff to check out.
I agree absoloutely about All the World’s a Stage – one fo the very best live albums of the era, arguably ever.
Despite haveing “gone off” Rush, I’ve never stopped admiring their musicianship, development and just how they approach life.
Neil was a true one-off who suffered some real tragedies in his life. Yet he was driven, to the extent of realising he could become a better drummer in the 1990s, long after he was already recognised as one of the top drummers in rock and took further lessons, incorporating new techniques and styles into his own.

Real heartfelt tribute there, Mark. Thanks for that.
I first saw Rush in 79 and was hooked from then. Like many others, I found the 90s Rush a little too keyboard-laden at the time but the musicianship never wavered.

Neil’s drumming is so amazing that I bought a couple of his DVDs. As a bass player it’s always good to listen to what a good drummer has to say. When it’s Neil Peart EVERYONE needs to pay attention!

I share your sorrow, man. I hope his family find some peace and comfort from the outpouring of love from the Rush community. Time is a great healer but the wound is still fresh. Keep listening to the music. He may be gone, as is Chris, but just like Chris’ bass, Neil’s drumming still has much to say…

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