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Jon Kirkman’s Dialogue – 271

Jon Kirkman’s Dialogue

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

I finally got my hands on Jon Kirkman’s wonderful new book, Dialogue, this week. This episode is dedicated to exploring it. It’s an absolute must-have for Yes fans!

  • What is new about this version of the Yes interviews book?
  • Who provided a lot of the memorabilia?
  • Is it worth the hefty price tag?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Michel Arsenault’s amazing collection!

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19 replies on “Jon Kirkman’s Dialogue – 271”

Well yes indeed I have my copy and I’m loving going through it. Its a huge effort to produce a book like this and so well done Jon and Simon.

Michel, it’s wonderfull to see another Yes nuts collection, and ROOM! LOVE IT.. I think I may have sold you some of that in the past. Well I’d jump at the chance to sit in there and chat Yes.

Oh to finish yes it’s worth the price tag.

All the best

David Watkinson

Hi David

your recommendation and after listening to guys talking about it in the podcast have me sold.

Ordered today !!!

Hello !

Yes David, you did sell me a few rare items which feature prominently in my collection. My YES room occupies the basement of my house and is in fact my “man cave” ! Many a night are spent watching DVDs, listening to records and just having a good old time with all things YES.

Anyone in Edmonton (Canada) can sure drop me a line and come visit ! Lots to see and talk about.

My collection has been a serious hobby of mine for 30 years. I am still looking for the oldest YES concert ticket out there. Thanks to David I have a copy of the oldest known YES ticket, but not an original. I am always in search for incredible rarities.

I love the Podcast…so much love and passion goes into it. Great job guys !

I’ll be talking to you guys soon….

Michel….the heart spoken Khatru….uuuu….uuuuuu.uuuuuu

Hi Michel

Have to say your collection looks amazing and should I ever head out west from Toronto I will definitely be in touch to come to see it .

It’s great to see it all. As you know I’ve done the same, did you ever see my exhibition? I’m thinking I do have a video of it all, maybe I could post it?

I am thinking of selling a few rare poster items to fund a part of my book project, so I’ll let you know when I post them up for sale.


Oh still working my way through the new book

One of the things I love about Dialogue that I’ve found from only skimming the surface is that rather than try to create a definitive history, the interviews tell the chronology from a variety of perspectives – and that means that “the truth” will depend of who’s talking. So as an example in and around the Open your Eyes era there are some who say that started as a Chris solo project – others say it was a Chris/ Billy project and others that it was a Yes Album but just with Billy taking the lead.

First of all, my apologies to everyone for having to subject you to my abominably awful “review” of the Cruise to the Edge – more “Ummm”s and “Uuuhhh”s and “Errr”s than an Obama press conference!

I went ahead and ordered Jon’s book today, based more on your discussion of it than anything else; hopefully they’ll have at least two copies leftover for me and Fergus!

Kevin – do you think you might be able to grab an introductory sound bite for the show from Trevor when you see ARW later this month? We’re still missing him, Alan, and Tony (not to mention Prof. Bruford…) – along with Benoit and Oliver, I suppose.

Can’t really comment on most of today’s show, as you have the book and I, as yet, do not…

Until next week, thanks as always for one of the high points of my week!

Hey JC no need for the apology. I enjoyed your honest appraisal of the Cruise. More of us, myself included, should send in audio comments rather than being keyboard warriors 🙂 Also I think it is the first time we’ve ever had any Yes music being played on the podcast. Excellent choice too!

Joseph, it was far from abominably awful. There were a few hesitations, sure, but it was a great off the cuff, first hand account with nothing in the way of waffle. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it added yet more variety to an already very varied (in content, not quality) podcast.

Great show as always,
I really can’t wait for this book to show up on my front door after seeing and hearing all the great things about it I new from the very beginning that this was going to be something that I would just have to have and by all accounts this is true.
So I hope to have several hours looking through the history of yes and all things that made this group what it is today.


Thank you for mentioning me during this podcast, regarding me contributing most of the book’s memorabilia, as I did for the previous book, Time and a Word: The Yes Interviews. I also have several photos in the book. At the back of the book on the thanks page you can see the specific pages listed that contain my memorabilia. My photos are credited with each photo. FYI, the flyer that comes with the book is the same as the poster that Jon is selling separately. They are really folded mini-posters. Jon mailed me the first batch of them last year. Also, flyers for the 1st book were also made in ’14 and given out on the Yes cruise in April ’14, well before the book was published in Nov. ’14. So collectors may want to keep their eyes open for that flyer on eBay, etc. Jon gave me a batch of those on the ’14 cruise. Lastly, I also assisted Jon and Simon with copy-editing on the book last summer and fall. Simon sent me a digital file of the book last spring after the last interview had been laid out. I also still have a digital file of Jon’s first book, which Jon sent to me well before its publication in ’14 to review. It’s been a labor of love for 4 years with these two Yes books. Next, their Genesis “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” book, covering the album and tour in ’74-’75, should be out this year, which includes much memorabilia from me, also. It will be a must for Genesis fans.

Doug the end result is worth all the effort. Everyone involved with the book should be really happy. I hope it sells out for Jon and Simon. D

Good to hear about the forthcoming Genesis book. Do you know if there are any podcasts relating to them like Kevin’s for Yes?

Hi, Jeremy. I’m not familiar with a Genesis podcast, but there may be one, as popular as they still are.

I found one last night and listened to it today. It’s called Tabletop Genesis and it comes across really well.

Well, my copy arrived today and all I can say in brief is that here we have a book that truly reflects and does justice to the magnificent quality that we fans find in the music of Yes. If you love Yes, you will love the book!

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