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Everyone in Yes is a newcomer! 270

Citizen by Billy Sherwood
Citizen by Billy Sherwood

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

It’s half term holiday for me this week so the episode is slightly shorter than normal. However, Mark and I manage to think about the idea that everyone in Yes currently is a ‘newcomer’ if you stretch that concept as far as possible. Also, Mark reviews Citizen by Billy Sherwood and there’s plenty of news.

  • What was the first studio-recorded moment of each of the current members of the band?
  • Was each recorded debut as successful as the rest?
  • Does it make a difference how much live playing goes on before a new member contributes to a studio album?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Show notes and links

Ken Fuller spotted this great Jon Anderson lyrics site – Make your own Jon Anderson-style stanzas!

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The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

17 replies on “Everyone in Yes is a newcomer! 270”

Great listening chaps. On Relayer, yes you hit the nail on the head as such. It needs to be the same as on record, if performed live, deviation from the original will water it down, that’s a no go area.

Tormato however I can see selected tracks and you could make a wonderful medley section which would please I think. I’m not sure the whole album played live would be a success for the same reasons you have hinted at.

Oh I want to see Topographic played in the UK, so I hope we get that chance. My other thought is if Yes are to play the UK in 2018, I would want tracks from the first albums played also, in a medley type package. A show covering ALL their history.

Loved the new issue today. Just listened to it but have to dash now so wanted to say I enjoyed listening and will comment later. David

Hey Jeffrey,
That’s an interesting idea…but your right…it would be one hell of a long show….Unless they did a “One from Every album tour 1969 to 1976″…and then next tour. ..1977 to 1987..etc

Haven’t heard today’s show yet, but just the title reminded me of a thought I had yesterday:

What would you (and by ‘you’ I mean all of us) think if Steve Howe retired and was replaced by Jimmy Haun, Geoff retired and Tom Brislin took his place and – as I’m pretty sure we’re now anticipating – Alan retired and Jay Schelen took over permanently? Five Americans, all with Yes credentials (admittedly, Mr. Haun’s are the most tenuous, but this is just a thought experiment…)

I’m very interested to hear other’s thoughts on this one. . .

As for myself, I’d have to hear what they could create in the studio.

I think the key thing is when Steve Howe is no longer there. How Yes would they be to most fans?

Yes an all American band well, it could end up that way!

Keep up the good work doing the show guys. D

Hey Joseph,
Hmm. ..don’t get me wrong…I think Jimmy is a great guitar player…but a totally American Yes?? I don’t think it would fly..There needs to be at least some UK blood…

In regard to the discussion about Jay Schellen from no. 269; if he’s going to be there in case Alan can’t play, then why not set up two drum kits on stage and have them both play when Alan is well enough to do so?

That costs money…set up, transport, shipping, insurance, man power. It’s working at the moment though eh?

Another contributing factor is “How much room is there on the stage?” – for now, seeing as there’s only one of them playing at a time, I think the current setup is reasonable – after all, Alan is still officially the Yes Drummer. Last summer’s tour, when Alan was not there at all, Jay had his own kit… and I have this feeling that he may just get a bit of a kick (yeah, drummer pun intended) out of playing Alan’s kit – I know I would… like I’d ever be in that situation…

On cruise I was amused by Steve’s unease to name Jay’s role. Once he was understudy. Another time assistant which prompted Billy to throw something at Jay. I was happy with the arrangement for now. Alan deserves respect and when he gets playing it is amazing how he enters a zone. Jay brings great energy. Jay played entire show in St. Pete.

Great Show thanks for my fix….
I love it that there are so many different views on what is real Yes
And really everyone is a new comer its just been a few years or decades if you like..
Thanks for all the hard work it shows in the show….

Paul Tomei

Hey Paul,
Glad that you enjoyed this week’s “fix”.
I agree the different opinions keeps things interesting.

As far as recreating albums live, I don’t expect or even want a copy of the studio album played. Live playing is more about getting the feeling across. The weak spot of Yes right now (apart from Alan’s back problems) is at keyboards (sorry, Kevin). On the last tour, Downes was fine for Drama, but spotty for Tales, rather like Kevin noted about his playing on Awaken.

If they do tour with Relayer and Tormato, I see it similarly; fine for Tormato, but not for Relayer. But then Moraz would be hard to copy by anybody!

I think I am the only YMP listener who likes Heaven and Earth!

While I’m pleased that so many Yes fans are happy with whatever lineup is current, no-one in the current lineup has produced anything new of worth since Drama.
Until they produce something as good or better than that they are just a glorified tribute band. If Steve goes then they have no link to the past. It is all about creation, not regurgitation.
Prog was an all English thing. One by one the Prog bands sold out to conquer the USA and as a result the soul went out of the genre. Yes may be a band in name but where is its heart? Touring old stuff and the cruises. Well done The Man. $$$

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