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Episode 521 featuring Mark

I am in Devon for half term so here’s Mark’s latest Album Series addition – Fragile.

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Thanks, Mark. Very informative, as always. To add to your collection, here’s one of mine: my original ’72 US release, signed for me by that lineup & artist Roger Dean. I also have a very rare version, from South America, that I have to take photos of & then will post.

Fascinating and a 5% geeky world in a good way. Pleased to hear of the ever growing interest in the different pressing still with no perceived downturn in vinyl purchases.

Thanks Mark

Great work, as ever, Mark. Looking forward to your ‘Close to the Edge’ one in this series. People who are puzzled by those who collect multiple pressings often don’t realise the differences in mastering and sound quality – some of which can be quite revelatory for music we know and love well.

Excellent episode if potentially ruinously expensive if I can’t find a copy of that 2016 Record Industry pressing at a good price soon!. Though you have also steered me away from the really expensive option so, in a way, you have already saved me more than my annual Patreon commitment and it is still only February …

Fragile is one of my go-to “test” discs for any new kit in terms of speakers etc and I know almost before the backwards piano and guitar intro to Roundabout has ended whether this is going to be an upgrade worth making.

Anyway, looking forward to more episodes like this one. Particularly looking forward to hearing how you feel about the available versions of Relayer and Going For The One.

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