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Episode 48 – Keys to Ascension live tracks – part 3

CDs purchased 1996 and 1997 (click to enlarge)

The forty-eighth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring the live tracks from ‘Keys to Ascension’.

  • What do the last live tracks here have in store for us?
  • How do these performances differ from earlier ones?
  • Overall, how good is this collection?
Listen and see if you agree with me then let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me via the different routes on the right hand side or by leaving a comment below!

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Fremont Theater San Luis Obispo – interior photo


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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources:

thanvannispen and

5 replies on “Episode 48 – Keys to Ascension live tracks – part 3”

Thanks for another fun podcast. Regarding your request for opinions on the podcast’s future, I vote that you finish up with whatever remains of the discography, if there is anything left, maybe have another interview or two with fellow fans or musicians, then end the podcast. Move on to another band, perhaps Queen as you suggest. You will inevitably run out of material when discussing any band, and I would not want to hear a podcast that sounded like it was struggling for new ways to discuss the same beloved albums and songs. You talked about your love and appreciation for all the band members, all their albums, and all their songs. They reminded me again why this band is so special to me, brought back some great memories, and forced me to dig those old CDs out of the closet for another listen. Your job is finished. Time to move on. Thanks again.

Regarding the live Keys to Ascension tracks. When I purchased these CDs in 1996, the live tracks were magical. With the exception of Union, which I did not enjoy, Yes fans had not heard the magic of the 1970s music in over 15 years. The 1980s version of Yes left us starved for that transcendent Yes Music that carried us true believers to another world. The fact that this was just a handful of shows in a tiny theater added to the almost magical nature of these recordings. This was not a reunion, per se, not a world wide tour. Just a small show, rekindling the magic, for a very tiny select few who were lucky enough to see the show. That intimacy seemed to add something to the magic.

Well now that’s a lot to take into one show at least for a old guy like me. For me I think you incorporate other Prog Rock as well as keeping true to your Yes Podcast. I think it would be fantastic to hear other bands and for me I would listen no matter who what or why.
There are many branches that have grown this podcast just by the sheer number of albums that you have covered and I say lets hear from those bands that Yes had inspired like Queen and Rush and Dream Theater. The list is endless and the music is divine.However I understand that your time is very valuable to you and to your family as it should be I’m being a bit selfish saying oh I would love a show every week when I know that your not getting paid to do this but it is out of sheer Love for the music which I find to be very obvious in the show it self. So then to keep things prospective I want it all my cake and eat it to…lol Just kidding Kevin whatever you decide to be right for you will be right for this and future podcast.
Great show enjoyed every bit of it
Take care and can’t wait what the future holds for this Podcast
Until next week Take care

P.S on a side note my step daughter is in love with the Dr. Who and I must say I have watch some of them myself and fine the show to be very interesting it is crazy popular here in the states just wondering if you were a Whovian?..

Take care

Paul Tomei

Hi Paul. Thanks for the comment. As you say, the love of the music is what keeps me going as well as the support of listeners like you. I will take a bit longer to consider exactly what to do I think but I’m certainly not planning to go away any time soon!

My family are all big Doctor Who fans and we went to the brand new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff on holiday a few weeks ago. It was great – loads of original costumes, sets and a live theme-park type attraction at the beginning. Here are a couple of shots and a video I took:

I met Tom Baker when I was 6 at a book signing and have been following the show ever since! It’s just started again in the UK. Great stuff!

Wow very cool I wish I new more about tumbler I thought I was kinda of a okay person when it came to the internet. I seen your tumbler page its amazing to me. You live in a very beautiful place with lots of neat things around you I know that my step daughter would love to go there some day I know she wants to study in Paris and Germany but she wants to go to Harvard first and she is totally In Love with Dr. Who oh and the guy who played Locke in Thor and the avengers Thanks again for sharing and its good to know that your not going to quit the pod cast anytime soon


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