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Episode 23 – ‘In the presence of…Yes fans’

The first Yes Music Podcast Round Table Event

The twenty-third episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring a round table discussion about Yes today with Andy Pashley, Paul Wilson  and Joost Maglev.

  • Should the band call it a day and retire from touring?
  • Is Jon Anderson an essential element of Yes?
  • Do we need Fly from Here II?

Listen and see if you agree with the group then let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us via the different routes on the right hand side!

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources:

thanvannispen and

4 replies on “Episode 23 – ‘In the presence of…Yes fans’”

Wow I would have to say that there is nothing more really for them to do and now here comes another lead singer. Yes can bring back who ever they want but I feel that there is only one Yes and that’s Jon Anderson as lead singer and to me Rick Wakeman on keys. Really think about what Yes has done and Is there really a need for a Fly from here 2? If Jon would come back with Rick and how about Gates Part 2 or even Going for the one Part 2? Think about what the band did in a manner of three to four years Fragile close to the edge and Tales then Gates going for the one epic. Let Jon and Rick write some tracks even if its only a studio thing let a great producer put it all together and let who ever play it live! but think about Gates part 2 it could happen…

Thanks for the comment, Paul. Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman the dream team? There’s a lot to be said for that!

As Jethro Tull have done Thick as a Brick 2 and there’s Tubular Bells II and III, why nor a sequel for Yes? Good point!

Now that Yes has a new lead singer, I look forward to what they will do next. My real hope is that they do not become just another touring band…. a tribute to Yes, something like what The Moody Blues do now, only tour without recording anything new. Yes should be a vibrant, viable recording venture in constant motion… in order to maintain my interest new music is a must!

Although the lack of new music from 2001-2011 was extremely disheartening, the projects that filled the void were immensely wonderful. Circa:, Yoso, Anderson/Wakeman, Sherwood/Kaye, Conspiracy, Steve Howe’s Remedy…. the thought of an Anderson Rabin Wakeman project fills me with the most excitement.

One more thing I wanted to add, or should I say felt compelled to add…. I am sick and tired of the Yes fans saying that Going For The One was the last real Yes recording, I am truly sick of this talk. My generation would never had discovered Yes if it was not for 90125, Big Generator, Union and Talk. These are the ones that made me and my musician peers go back and discover the wondrous things that were The Yes Album, Close To The Edge and Relayer. If it wasn’t for Love Will Find A Way and City Of Love, I would never have known of Awaken or The Ritual. It’s not all about the older fans who wish for the heydays of lore and past triumphs, it’s about moving with the times and staying relevant. I could go on and on and on about this subject and would emplore any Yes fan to challenge me 🙂

Love you all, of course… I mean all of this in the nicest way possible 🙂

By the way, Kevin… another great show, great idea with the round table with great, very educated guests! I so look forward to hearing the next show.

Move one on to the heart of the sunrise,

Thanks for the comment, Scott. I agree that new music is essential to the continued existence of the band – which is why I was so happy to see Fly From Here.

I really must learn more about the other projects you mention – I have not investigated them yet.

I also discovered Yes at the time of 90125 so I couldn’t agree more that the band is a multi-faceted entity – you can’t just dismiss everything after 1977 – Yes is so much more than those early recordings and shows. It grows and grows with every year that passes into the vast and complex tapestry we all love.

It’s great to have you listening to and supporting the podcast so thanks again!

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