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Episode 2 – ‘Time and a Word’

The second episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring the second studio album, ‘Time and a Word’.

Time and a Word album
Vinyl purchased circa. 1989, CD circa. 2005 (click to enlarge)


  • What are the themes of the album?
  • How did Yes approach the ‘difficult’ second album?
  • Does this album move closer to a ‘classic’ Yes sound?

Listen and see if you agree with me then let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me via the different routes on the right hand side!

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Links to good stuff mentioned in the show:


Before I get loads of comments about this one – yes, I got it wrong. I now know the western theme used in No Opportunities is from the 1958 Western, ‘THe Big Country’. Proof is on YouTube.


Yes Music PodcastHomework for next time:

Listen to Yes’ third studio album – ‘The Yes Album’ (1971)

‘The Yes Album’ on Spotify:

‘The Yes Album’ on iTunes:

‘The Yes Album’ on Amazon (UK):

‘The Yes Album’ on

‘The Yes Album’ on YouTube:

Buy Yes music, don’t steal it. Take a look at these but then go out and buy the album:

  1. Yours is no disgrace
  2. The clap
  3. Starship Trooper
  4. I’ve seen all good people
  5. A venture
  6. Perpetual Change

4 replies on “Episode 2 – ‘Time and a Word’”

Thank you for the kind shout outs. Very nicely done segment. Your discussion of the orchestral segments was particularly insightful. It is very clear that you have a great appreciation for and understanding of the music in it’s appropriate time context.

Good second podcast – Thanks. I found myself agreeing with you and disagreeing with you but most of all wanting to revisit the music. Oh your so right btw the ‘Symphonic Music Of Yes’ was such a disappointment. Keep up the good work – must go as you gave me some homework – now where is The Yes album?

Thanks, Gary! I’m glad you are agreeing and disagreeing – that’s exactly the point of the podcast, after all! As for revisiting the music – it’s great isn’t it? I have never listened as carefully to the albums as this and I’m really enjoying it! Can’t wait to record this week’s episode. I hope you continue listening and enjoying!

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