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Episode 155 – Updates and some thoughts from Bob Keeley

Vinyl purchased circa. 1988

The one hundred and fifty fifth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring a quick set of updates as well as the Yes-related thoughts of Bob Keeley.

  • Is the new live album worth bothering with?
  • The 2014 re-mix of Relayer – new clips.

Listen to the episode and then let me know if you agree.

Show links

Yes World Relayer page

Extract from the 2014 remix of Gates of Delirium

Extract from Sound Chaser

Extract from To Be Over

Yes World ‘Like It Is: YES at the Bristol Hippodrome 2014’ page

Ultimate Classic Rock feature on the new live album

Why Yes are still the funniest rock band

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

6 replies on “Episode 155 – Updates and some thoughts from Bob Keeley”

Very interesting comments from Bob,

I myself have taken a liking to H&E since I have a lot of time on my commute each day I find this album a nice piece of work for a band who have been making music for nearly 50 years very enjoyable.
That is what makes Yes….Yes. I don’t care for music that is churned out of some record company and put on display for all to worship. I need real music played by real musicians that have marched on when all the haters in this world of ours say oh this is trash. Well to that I say really you think you can do better???
Funny how everyone becomes a critic when it comes to other peoples music or when there is a line up change but was it not Jon Anderson himself who uses the phrase ” Change we must to live again”

Is this not what Yes is doing?

I like Yes for what they do and what they have done.. its will always be about the music for them and to me that is what makes them great to do what they want to do…

I hope and pray this this band continues for many more years with different people coming and going

That is what makes them so Great!


P.S Great show Kevin sorry did not mean to take away form your show great as always!

Your comments never detract from the episodes, Paul, they only enrich them – thanks so much. I agree that there’s a lot of value in Heaven and Earth and I also find it very enjoyable, despite it’s obvious differences to the classic period. If I had to choose between Union, Open Your Eyes and Heaven and Earth to listen to, I’d definitely go for Heaven and Earth – what does that say?

Hi gang. Further to my snark on Twitter, a number of people over on Yes Fans Tolerant Of All Incarnations on Facebook had a better theory regarding the conspicuous absence of CTTE. They may well be holding it back to issue it along with Fragile, now that tour is finished, which would make a lot of sense. So this could just be a Keys-style marketing cock-up. (Let’s hope nobody has attempted to emulate JA’s video-mixing duties…)

It would be truly strange if it were for technical reasons – as you and Bob say in this podcast, the live energy is tremendous at the moment and I was at Royal Albert Hall the night before the Bristol gig. I remember looking at many comments following the Bristol gig and nobody mentioned problems with CTTE.

Also on the subject of this incarnation performing previous works – at the gig Starship Trooper was similarly downtempo BUT it was clear Juano and Downes were having a great time on it – hope that comes through on the DVD.

Finally regarding the cover… it makes me think of Laputa.

Every sympathy on the RFP front – been on both ends of that!

Thanks for the comment! Maybe will will indeed see a part two of the live album – that would be great. There may be technical problems with the recording rather than the band’s performance of course… I think the tempo is much more noticeable on recordings and isn’t the live experience a lot more important? Leaves you wondering why they release these kinds of recordings of course…

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