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Yestival! – 293

Produced by Preston Frazier, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

Yestival is finally underway and so Mark and I watch some of the first crowd-shot videos which have emerged. Obviously, there are lots of spoilers so if you don’t want to know the answer, look away now. We also go on a bit about a the second keyboard player on the 90125 tour in the two pence segment and Mark reviews Circa’s latest -Valley of the Windmill.

  • How is Dylan Howe doing?
  • What about the setlist?
  • Has it all kicked off well?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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Yestival videos we watched:

Mark’s Circa photos:

Show notes and links

Preston Frazier’s Yestival review

I say in the episode that I don’t know whose photos theses are – but I do! They are from Keith Hoisington – sorry Keith. It’s ARW in Rome:

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9 replies on “Yestival! – 293”

I haven’t actually played today’s podcast yet, but a few observations from watching the videos:

>>>Steve’s playing so far on this tour is better than I’ve seen in several recent years.

>>>I really like the personal spin Geoff put on “Soon.”

>>>Yeah – Dylan Howe is very reminiscent of Dr. Bruford.

>>>Jon sounds like he’s not really putting 100% into his singing, as if he’s protecting his voice – maybe a bit under the weather, perhaps?

From the clips that I have seen I think they sound amazing.
Very nice to hear the old tunes being played Survival is an all time favorite of mine and from what I have seen it sounds amazing. I believe that Yes has reinvented them self’s yet again. I’m unable to go and see them this year due to more surgery which sucks. I really wish they would give themselves some serious time in the studio to really put some new music together. I believe they have all the tools to really put together some new music with all parties involved.

Haven’t listened to the podcast but I’ve watched the clips. I think I’ve identified what’s been bugging me for a while now…

When Billy first joined it still felt like Yes and there was a parity across all five of the guys still. I haven’t seen them in person recently but I watch a lot of the live footage, and some time in the last year or so it feels like it started morphing more into Howe & friends… same music, same people, just something somewhere feels a bit different. The YIND clip above is definitely the Steve Howe Show.

I don’t have a problem with it, I just wondered if anyone else had noticed it?

I have my ticket for Yes in San Francisco Sept 1. I didn’t see them last time around so I’m really looking forward to it. Also, it is not billed for this date as “Yestival” but as Yes without supporting acts (Yes, it is the real Yes, not ARW). So, I’m hoping they’ll have time to fill out the set more and maybe play some longer pieces. I’ll let you know.

ARW: I saw them last December so don’t see the need to see them again this year. They put on a good show, but I’m disappointed they’re calling themselves “Yes.” I was hoping they’d record some original music and go off in their own direction. Maybe they still will.

ARW has been touring for an entire year now and the only innovation they’ve introduced into their show so far is to REMOVE a song from it…

…old, tired, burned out hacks making a giant money-grab…

I am so done with those guys.

At the risk of losing my YMP street cred, I did not go to Yestival even though there were a couple of shows around–although the nearest one was about 2 hours away. I think if it was just Yes I might have gone, but given that they were only on for 90 mins and the rather paltry set list, I decided to pass. I hope shows in 2018 for the 50th anniv. tour will be closer.

The set-list was probably the best they could do for 90 mins., but not exactly a song from each of the first 10 as you said. And I agree with what Guy said about ARW: keep that moniker and be your own band–original music and Yes songs. I feel a little sorry for Jean-Luc! (Ponty, not Picard!)

The question of the 2nd keyboard player has to do with the agreement he had with Yes’ management. I imagine he was strictly there as support, not as a member of Yes. Although, credit where credit is due. I don’t think a band should try to hide things like backup musicians, recordings, samples, etc. I also don’t need a band to play live as on the recording. Live should be about performance and emotion, not recreating the album tracks.

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