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Yes miscellany – it’s all a matter of opinion – 341

My copy of Relayer
My copy of Relayer

Produced by Robert Nasir, Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

This week I’m preoccupied with arrangements for the family funeral but I managed to meet up with Mark to discuss a selection of Yes topics which I hope you will enjoy. Please do add your answers to the various questions I posed in the comments.

  • What’s your favourite Yes memorabilia?
  • What’s your favourite album pre-1980?
  • Yes or Time and a Word?
  • …and more!

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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My copy of Relayer:

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9 replies on “Yes miscellany – it’s all a matter of opinion – 341”

A fun episode, Kevin and Mark. I appreciated the scaled-back nature of this. Just the two of you (and perhaps a guest of two some-time) discussing some aspect of Yes music is great. Thanks.

Somehow – more than likely due to advancing age and imbibing alcohol – this comment wound up on the show notes from two weeks ago, so I’ve copied and pasted it here…

(because this is where it’s supposed to be)

I probably purchased my first copy of Relayer in 1975 – I definitely remember it being a gatefold album cover. There was no amount of money the record labels would spend on bands that were profitable for them – look at the extravagant covers for Jethro Tull’s Thick As A Brick and Living In The Past. I believe the version you have is a re-issue from some time in the late 1980’s; by that time I had gone through at least two additional copies of the album, both of which were a single album cover with none of the extras – and one of them was an accidental issue of the radio promo print, with Gates cut into three parts, but with the commercial label on the record. Wish I still had that… (I also once had a version of Tull’s Living In The Past which somehow did not have the song “Living In The Past” on it!)

About that poster… I understand how Tormato looms so large in your mind, but it’s only four feet by four feet – that’s 1.2192 meters square! And I’m still very happy that I found such a better home for it than my basement!

(and thus ends the original comment)

P.S. and BTW – If memory (and the internet) serves me, that poster is forty years old soon!

Many thanks for yet another very enjoyable episode. There has been some really interesting thighs from you two over the last few weeks. I agree with you Kevin…Big Generator is an album that still surprises me and is very much underrated….my opinion of the YESWEST albums is different to many ……..90125 is excellent and fresh…….I saw them at the NEC on that tour and they were amazing ……the bass solo Chris did before the doors opened which literally shuck the whole building I will never forget. Big Generator is very good and there are some great Yes moments. I am not that keen on Talk …..I find it a bit predictable and almost boring in parts. Having said all that I pretty much love all Yes albums……I even like HaE and OYE..a lot.

Predictive Text strikes again…..,I am sure there has been some interesting thighs!! But that should have been thoughts.

Looks like we agree pretty much on the “YesWest” albums – the first two are great, the third is a Trevor Rabin solo project in disguise (…rhymes with “thighs”…)

A welcome relief to the tedium of the ‘singles’ saga. Thanks for an enjoyable ‘chewing the fat’ session.

My favourite Yes memorabilia is the Yellow badge with green logo from the Relayer tour. I’ve also the concert programmes but nothing else. I do cherish some of the photos I took on the GFTO, T and D tours.

The Yes v TaaW discussion is interesting. Personally I prefer TaaW for its drive and superb musicianship. However, in the context of their whole output, it is a bit of an anomaly because of the use of those pesky strings. As such Yes is more of a Yes album and as you said it has that delightful feel of setting out on an epic journey.

The Big Generator chat too is a good one. It’s always good to revisit something which doesn’t have immediate impact to discover hidden gems. It is a decent album, their last decent album I’d say. I prefer Talk, but as none of them are proper Yes albums I don’t take into account the point that Joseph makes about it being a Rabin solo project.

Speaking of which, I really enjoyed reading JC and GA’s posts. Thanks chaps.

By the way Kevin, I always listen out for your ‘Thanks to Robert’ message. Can you enlighten us? Who is Robert?

Thanks Jeremy. Glad you liked the episode and don’t worry, there’s only one singles episode to go now.
Your photos are amongst my favourite Yes documents. I do think there’s plenty to enjoy post Bid Generator but each to his own!

Robert is a Patron who prefers to stay anonymous- simple as that! 🙂

I was wondering when one of us would ask about that…. thanks for taking the pressure off, J!

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