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Yes covers we like from YouTube – 310

#YES50 Fan Convention!
#YES50 Fan Convention!

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Michel Arsenault, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier.

Mark and I have been enjoying watching Yes covers on YouTube this week and we share some of our favourites. Also, the big news of the week is the #YES50 Fan Convention in London next year. We have a good chat about that!

  • What makes a good Yes cover?
  • Are there different types?
  • Which roles are more difficult to fulfil?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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YES Announce Official 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Including UK Fan Convention Day, 25th March 2018
Fifty years since the formation of Prog giants, YES, is something worth celebrating and YES intend to celebrate with their fans. They have announced a weekend of events to coincide with their two London shows on 24th & 25th March, the final dates of their 2018 UK tour.
On Sunday, 25th March, the London Palladium will host the YES FAN CONVENTION, an afternoon devoted to all things YES, attended by both current members of the band and YES alumni. This unique event is sponsored by Prog Magazine and will feature:-
¥ The official launch and world-wide exclusive availability of the Drama line-up version of Fly From Here, new lead vocals throughout by Trevor Horn, and remix by Trevor, including an unreleased track. (limited numbers available for purchase)
¥ Roger Dean artwork on display and for sale. Trading Boundaries (Prog Rock venue) will host Roger’s stand at which a new piece of artwork for Close to the Edge will be revealed for the first time
Q & A with various guests & Roger Dean
¥ Exclusive free YES FAN DAY souvenir programme (limited numbers available)
¥ Raffle of YES collectables (monies will go to the chosen charities)
¥ Prog editor, Jerry Ewing. will discuss Prog Magazine and future book release
¥ YES Memorabilia display in the foyer (Curated by David Watkinson)
¥ YES tribute bands: SeYeS and Fragile (with Clair Hamill) will perform classic YES songs
More announcements will follow. Tickets for the Fan Convention are £30 (plus booking fee). Free entry for those who have bought Meet & Greet packages for Saturday or Sunday shows.
All profits from the YES Fan Convention will be donated to 2 charities: The Christie Hospital in Manchester, who looked after the much-loved YES fan Malcolm Birkett, prior to his passing in 2015 ( and Kangaroos, whose aims are to enhance the lives of special needs and disabled children (
For full details and to book please go to: or

The videos we talk about:

The new YMP YouTube Channel featuring Mark’s vinyl exploration

Show notes and links

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

8 replies on “Yes covers we like from YouTube – 310”

Love them all and even a few that were not mentioned. I believe it has to be very impressive to Yes to hear all of these wonderful musicians play their music. Wonderful for a Yes fan as myself to have others that love their work and can actually reproduce it is a win win for fans I believe.
Great work guys as always!

There’s not much on YouTube of this one, but one of my favorite Yes covers is Glass Hammer’s (fairly straightforward) rendition of ‘South Side of the Sky,’ the first track on their 2007 album ‘Culture of Ascent,’ which is how I discovered the band initially. It features Jon Anderson doing a bit of ‘vocalization,’ and is yet another Yes cover with a female (Suzie Bogdanowicz) doing the lead vocal.

That is a fantastic version. I wish they had taken it a bit further out though as there are hints that it could have gone that way before it settles into the traditional arrangement. Far prefer it to the somewhat anodyne Spock’s Beard cover though.

Agreed – however, the Spock’s Beard version is unique in it’s own ways; who would have thought to use ‘Perpetual Change’ as the intro, or replace the central piano piece with acoustic guitar? Also, it’s an outtake so I’m assuming it was released in an unfinished form.

Glass Hammer is quite a band – almost as many personnel changes as Yes! – but I’m glad they eventually got rid of that particular lead guitarist – way too ‘shreddy’ for decent prog.

Re the convention. For a man of my advanced years I am unreasonably excited about this. Hope to drag my youngest along as she is one of those younger converts to Yes who will pass it along to a new generation. She is 21 and for her the singer in Yes IS Jon Davison. I wonder if that is a common thing for people who have come to the band since 2011?

Kind of surprised to see the convention is held in the Palladium itself as there is not much by way of wandering around space (the bars are not huge). Perfectly fine with me and maybe that is normal for this kind of thing. I assumed it was going to be more of a prog casbah with some signings and stuff happening on a stage to the side rather than a theatre event. Definitely want one of those Fly From Here remix albums. Also hope to replace some 1970s concert programmes that I have lost along the way.

I think the most covered Yes song on YouTube is Your Move due to its simplicity, often without the All Good People section. I hope you do a show on covers by the School of Rock and other youth groups. Jon himself is on some of these.

I wonder what Yes will do in other parts of the world for #Yes50, esp. North America. Obviously there can’t be the tour of Yes related sites as in London. But fan gatherings and tributes should work.

I am, as often, a couple of weeks behind with YMP, so only recently caught up with this edition. I had time to dip in to the cover videos you’d recommended and am utterly taken with the vigour apparent in both The Band Geeks with Tom Brislin and Close to the Yes. I find the studio videos more engaging than the live ones – I find tribute gigs hard work, as they’re boozier and chattier than original artists’ shows and that gets in the way of the music – and the studio videos here have a contrasting crispness and dynamism. Great stuff.
I’m not going to be able to get to the fan convention, which is a shame because I know and respect co-organiser Brian Neeson and I’d love to catch up with some familiar faces and say hello to some new ones. So it’s a real consolation to learn that YMP will be on the scene and reporting in real time. I’ll be with everyone in spirit, at least.
So, this edition has catalysed my enthusiasm for Yes, which is perfect timing as the anniversary year starts. A happy new year to everyone involved in YMP!

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