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What did they do next part 7b – Rick Wakeman – again – 408

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

This week we have the pleasure of listening to Rick Wakeman’s 1980 double album, Rhapsodies, so that’ll be fun and we also have our two pence on the latest box set of Yes albums (yes another one).

  • What sort of music is on Rhapsodies?
  • Was Rick pleased with it?
  • Is it worth picking up a copy?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

9 replies on “What did they do next part 7b – Rick Wakeman – again – 408”

I found a part solution – By chance when looking through my local Vinyl shop here in Melbourne (Australia) I came across a 7″ of two songs from Rhapsodies! Not only that but it was a picture disc as well – which had the info of the songs on the outer sleeve and no writing on the disc itself (which I have hardly ever seen) . The A-side being ‘Animal Showdown’ but the B-side being the only candle in a deep dark dungeon = ‘Sea Horses’. It only cost me $8 Aussie dollars (around 5 pounds). I can’t attach photos so will sent to Kevin some other way which he may publish, but my solution is Rick should have just released this 7″ version rather then the double LP version!! – In what did they do next, if it had only been a 7″ would you have still covered it off or does it have to be an LP? – Loved the podcast, as it put a smile on my face …….

Hi John,
Fantastic idea…a 2 song picture disc release would have went over better with me …especially since one of the songs was Sea Horses.
As far as your question goes…I’m not sure if we would qualify a 7 inch as something to base a whole episode on….unless it something historic in our (Yes fans…sorry supporters) minds like Run with the Fox.

He said it was overlong…. He said it had been expanded and padded to fit the double album format…. He didn’t enjoy playing all of it live…… Is Rhapsodies Rick’s Topographic Oceans? I think not, the words sublime and ridiculous spring to mind and there’s no doubt where each adjective is to be applied!

Must admit a certain fondness for Rhapsodies.
Yes, a large part of it is just plain daft, and I do narrow my eyes at some of the song titles, but the album has an enthusiastic atmosphere and (considering the relationship with A&M at the time) an energetic cavalierism that does not fail to raise a smile.
Front Line and The Palais are as good as anything Rick recorded since Arthur. And Sea Horses is brilliant and moving enough to give Vangelis a blade run for his money!
In answer to your query gentleman, Credits is jaw droppingly bonkers, with Rick in full Grumpy Rock Star mode trying to remember each of the musician’s names (who incidentally all play exceptional throughout) while they contribute ridiculously bad solos to an increasingly dwindling audience.
It’s totally mad, it’s not on the CD, and the CD is poorer for it.
Interestingly, the last thing heard on the album is Rick remarking, “I don’t know why I bothered – we’ll do it again?”

I bought it and played it once. I think there are a couple of good tracks but that’s it. I had a single also, maybe I even have some reviews from the press.
Someone somewhere must have an interview with Rick that he says it was a joke and a kick to the record company, take the money and run eh?

White Rock is WOW Wakeman.
Now you can move on to the next album and record …pleeeeaassee.

Hi Kevin and Mark.

Although I agree this album is pretty bad did you ever listen to one of his greatest hits album, the one with the swirling universe on the cover from 1994. Again it is Rick’s choice of keyboard sounds which dismays me. I think he must have re-discovered the Stylophone (like a kids mini keyboard) and decided this was the sound he wanted, thinking his audience will listen to anything he plays! To me it was the sort of music you would hear in a lift.

The track Swan Lager might be referring to a brand of beer that was very popular in Western Australia in the 1970s. Rick may have tasted it on one of his tours. I guess the juxtaposition of this with Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake) was an attempt at humour, though clearly no more successful than the musical humour on this album.

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