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Unseen prototype images for Magnification by Bob Cesca

After our great interview with Bob Cesca last week, he very kindly shared the following ‘work in progress’ images from his work on Magnification and Symphonic Live. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s how he explained the prototype images:

After our chat the other day, I scrounged up some old work-in-progress Magnification era images from my archives. Thought you’d enjoy.

No one has seen these since Jon in 2001-02. At one point, I built a version of the Moorglade Mover. We were thinking about linking Magnification with the story that began with Olias and Fragile. Even though Roger’s work has been adapted by other Yes artists, namely David Fairbrother Roe the artist who designed the Olias album, I thought it was too derivative for Magnification, so I quietly buried the concept in lieu of the story of the IDR and the talisman.

The image with the silhouetted bridge and talisman is what I wanted for the Magnification cover. Lost that debate with Jon. It was eventually used as the back cover of the EP, so it wasn’t wasted.

3 replies on “Unseen prototype images for Magnification by Bob Cesca”

Some fantastic (in both meanings of the word) artwork here. Thanks so much to Bob for sharing and Kevin for the vehicle upon which it can be shared.
PS Off to Trading Boundaries next weekend to see Roger’s exhibition and SeYes after the complimentary reviews on YMP

Thanks Tim. Yes, I have also loved seeing Bob’s artwork. Have a great time at Trading Boundaries- let us know how it goes!

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