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Trevor Horn and Drama – 223


This week we learned that Trevor Horn is to join Yes on stage to perform Drama so I took the opportunity to think a bit about the Drama era and Mark Anthony K reviews The Yes Album as well as giving us his thoughts on Trevor Horn’s announcement.

  • What do I have in my collection from the time?
  • What do we know already about Drama in 2016?
  • What else are the band playing on tour?

Show notes and links

Bob Burns’ 1980 programme (click to enlarge):

Jeremy North’s photographs (click to enlarge):

Long Plays review of Glasgow gig

Miguel Falcao’s latest Chris Squire video

Northern Echo piece


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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

5 replies on “Trevor Horn and Drama – 223”

Well I would like to start with the Yes album for me this album was the album that changed the way I listen to music. We had just come out of the 60’s and for me the Yes album was just amazing
Yours is no disgrace was like no other “If the summer change to winter yours is no disgrace!
Amazing it still stands out to me to this day.
Now Drama was the Yes album we all waited for due to who on earth was going to fill in for Jon and we all thought that Yes was washed up,however we were totally wrong that album was amazing hands down just a great great album. My brother is a bass player and I always loved Steve Howe however those two were just so tight on that album it’s still is a favorite of mine to this day. The show with Trevor Horn was still amazing but we all know he was no Jon but I must say he did pour his heart into it do doubt!
Great show as always keep up the great work
Paul Tomei

Excellent episode. Mark Anthony K hit it on the head regarding Yours in New Disgrace. I love the House of Blues versions which encorporates Billy Sherwood on guitar. Drama is my second favorite Yes album. I’m getting in line to see them this summer when they return to the USA!

Wow, your friend’s review of the debut show is pretty anti-climactic after reading the glowing reviews on
of shows so far.
The negative comment on White’s drumming is particularly surprising, because almost every review I’ve read so far has
mentioned that Alan is sounding stronger than ever.

Sorry – wasn’t meant to be too critical. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance (love the Drama album) I just felt the drumming lacked imagination – not something I’d noticed in any of the previous Yes concerts. TBF, it did look like Alan was getting a lot of attention from the roadies (there was somebody sitting right beside the kit all night) so there may have been an equipment issue…

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